All Destination Wedding Planning Difficulties Mentioned Here That no One Tells But Often Faced

Getting to hitched someone whom you love is one of the best feelings one can get and sense but making all this hitching thing properly arranged and planned, means your wedding, is an enormous amount of hard work that you could say and feel getting hitched next time! So exhausting is wedding planning, and if it is destination wedding planning, then, it is like climbing the Himalayan mountain that you could never imagine whether you really could climb or not.

Outdoor wedding is fun but with lots of planning runs and you think that you could rest easily and without worrying about anything, then don’t think it is so easy, if you are the one who is paying for all wedding arrangements and planning. Destination weddings costs more and one should definitely ask himself/herself that why they want their wedding to be a destination one. It is just because that you want to do, you like a certain place in a city or something more attached to a city or country. It is just your choice and want. Whatever it is you know and why you want it but we are telling you about something very important about destination wedding planning that perhaps you never might know, and getting aware about all these things ready up you to plan best provided you can comfortably rest and enjoy your wedding.

Difficulties often faced while planning a destination wedding:

Why you want to do destination wedding: The first question you need to ask yourself that why you want a destination wedding? There could be many reasons for it depending on a couple. It could be that perhaps in certain city a couple met first time where their love blossomed or it is any particular city where they want to wed because they love the city very much and always dreamed about it for getting married there. The reasons can be many. And if your one reason is from the above pointed, then it is a good choice that you are thinking about destination wedding. Apart from all, destination venues are pretty enough that décor looks so pinkish alluring emanating a fragrance of delight that attracts the guests. You also should keep in mind that whenever you choose a destination venue, it should be pretty place, whether it is a hotel, resort, palace or any other. Provided not much time it takes to get decorated in the happiness of you both. And on the other hand if you are really interested why a couple has chosen a certain place for their wedding, you can ask them, definitely!  They tell you the perfect reason!

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Noise and venue: When a couple imagines their wedding, what they imagine about it like guests are eating fine enjoying the wedding. Couple sitting on their place seeing all getting blessings and gifts, and photographers shooting their photos; click, click… and music is playing in the background celebrating the love of the couple. But it is all your imagination. We wish that it could come true. But it doesn’t happen as we imagine. Sometime a wedding becomes, if looked from a drone, like insects swarming here and there around the venue and noising, lot of noises. So it is all hotch-potch. And it could be that nearby people living get disturbed and if they get, they can disturb your wedding too. So when you go to search for your favorite destination venue, look the place thoroughly and get issuance about all from the owner or management. And there should be proper arrangement for everything according to your requirements provided when any drone shot comes hovering in the air for taking over-shot, then it should like amazing rather than swarming of so many insects!

It is the wind couples: It is the beach venue that you have chosen for your wedding and when you see it from the hotel balcony it looks so luring, and dishes are all ready. Guest are drinking wine fine chatting about you and your journey, and ladies might be talking about the décor and jewelry you have worn but suddenly you see that your all wedding venue and arrangements turn into a mess because of the wind that has destroyed all. It could be a storm too. That is the flip bad side of a beach venue where heavy winds often flow and sometimes rains too. So it is always advisable that considering the weather you should plan ceremonies or other related events. Because we think that no one wants to turn their happy enjoying wedding into an ungatherable mess.

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Wedding in look-like forest garden: It is your wedding venue near a look-like forest or garden, very greeny one and you are totally mesmerized by it that you have chosen one of the best venues for your wedding. Dishes menu is getting ready up. One by one all are decked up on a table. Guests are arriving and ordering, and with them pests and some buzzing bugs are coming too. Lights are there too so they are buzzing around the light like they want to gulp it whole. These bugs and insects are all ruining the place and the menu also making it unhygienic which guests neglect to eat. This problem can turn into big one. So if you don’t want to face any problem then get the place fumigated properly. No bug and thug should be there! Make sure that fumigation gets done as quick as it can be.

Extra care of flowers: How a wedding can remain without flowers? Flower decoration is always there in a wedding, and there should be extra care taken for the flowers otherwise they wilt if remains more under sun light. If they get so your wedding decoration would look ugly with faded flowers. So if you want that flowers last long until your phere or till whole wedding, then they should be properly refrigerated and should not be spritzed for outdoor event. Hence take extra care of flowers if you want the fragrance of them in spread in your wedding.

Muddy lawn: If your wedding venue has lawn, then check, it should not be too soft on your wedding day otherwise while you walk your shoes dig in. It should be taken care that the soft lawn doesn’t get muddy too if rain accidentally comes from somewhere. If it is like muddy then guests will face lots of difficulties. Your guests don’t fall and to maintain the rhythm of wedding, proper arrangement should be done. Carpet can be laid down from getting slipped, and it would be lot better if venue gets shifted to other area.

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The list and points are endless to mention and it should be taken care of your destination wedding, because there are lots of problems that can occur and it is always advisable that arrangements should be done earlier if any chances are there. There are many headaches in planning a destination wedding. Hence plan best, get rest and enjoy your wedding with guests eating what you have served and dancing on your favorite song! And apart from all, there are many best wedding planners in Bangalore that make your destination wedding an easy affair. Hire best one according to your budget.