Event Planning without an Event Planner

Planning an event doesn’t have to complicated. However, it will require knowledge, some help and the right venue. At one time, Event Planning required recruiting a professional service but more businesses are looking in house to fill this spot.

The Planning Stage

Although an event planner isn’t needed, some help is necessary. Recruit a few people from the organization to help. Ideally these individuals should have some experience with hosting events or at the very least a strong interest in seeing a successful outcome.

Set up an event meeting schedule that everyone can work with. The first order of business is agreeing on the purpose, setting the budget and choosing a venue. This type of meeting would normally involve an event planner but keeping it in house saves time and money.

To pull off a successful event one has to have some knowledge of the type of people coming to the event. A company or business already has this knowledge and can spend time focusing on how to cater to these people rather than bringing a planner up to speed.


Setting time aside to establish the purpose of the event is important because it can help determine why having the event is necessary. What is expected from such event? In addition to the purpose setting the best time and date is also necessary.

Set a Budget Early

Determining a budget is pretty straight forward. Once it is established that a certain amount will be allocated for the event it becomes much easier to determine the menu and where to have it. Moreover, the cost of not hiring an event planner can now be used to fund having the event itself.

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Choosing the perfect venue to have the event is critical. Consider a location that can offer more services for the same cost. For example, a wedding and reception can be held at the same location. This will prove much more convenient for the guests and everyone involved. Can the venue also provide catering? Deciding on where to host this event early in the process can establish a valuable connection.

Planning a social event is a lot of work. There are many moving parts that will require more than one person but it’s doable. Hosting a successful event starts with early planning and a good team.