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Use Of Polygraph To Detect Lies The regular conditioning of human beings does not allow them to lie because it is morally and also spiritually wrong. As much as we ought, to tell the truth always there are times when we are liable of lying especially to avoid the punishment that one should receive if they accepted their wrongdoings. Mainly when one is lying they are anxious and nervous which in turn produce unique physiological effects which may be visible or may be detected using lie detecting machines. A polygraph is the main machine that has been widely used to detect lies since the machine depends on the physiological changes. There are observable changes that are likely to occur when one is lying, and one of the physiological change is the rise in breathing rate. A the difference in rates of breaths which is characterized by a sharp increase in breath rates followed by shallow breaths is experienced. A polygraph quickly detects such changes since It has pneumographic aspect. Also when one is lying there is a sharp increase in their blood pressure. The polygraph has a cardiographic aspect that quickly detects the change in blood pressure when one is lying. Another important sign that someone is lying is the increase in sweat discharge from their bodies. The galvanograph aspect of the polygraph which uses the principle of electrical conductivity of the skin. The act of detecting a lie from the changes in amount of sweat is not dependent on the machine measuring the amounts of sweat but rather conductivity which increases with increase in amount of sweat since sweat is used as the electrolyte. Since sweat is ionic it is used as an electrolyte in this case, and any increased conductivity means increased amount of sweat which implies that the subject lied.
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Results collected by the polygraph are represented in graphical form. The polygraphs used to locate the data on graph papers in earlier methods used to record data. But in the modern technological era polygraphs are connected to laptops which saves all the information hence eliminating the tiresome work of analyzing the results using papers. Computers also provide a safe storage for data in case any further analysis is required or any future reference.
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A digital polygraph possess other numerous benefits. One of the advantages is that there is software that is specially designed for analyzing information. the software also helps the examiner in converting the data into charts and other forms that may be necessary. One may be required to use other methods of detecting lies and not depend on the polygraph only.

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