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Advice For Traveling With Baby

Advice For Traveling With Baby

Traveling Mommies are becoming more and more common in today’s world as family’s move all around the globe. You might wonder how those particular Mommies survive toting a baby on board, but you’d be surprised just how carefree it can be. Airlines are taking their cue and adjusting to make infant travel easier, and there are some tips that can help you prepare too. Just being aware of how to get a child passport fast and knowing just what you should expect on your flight can help your trip run smooth and incident-free.

Everyone in your family will need a passport for traveling abroad, including your baby. It’s best to locate or renew passports way in advance in your trip to avoid any potential troubles, but we all know that not every trip is planned. So, if you need an expedited passport, you are able to get one. However, it might cost a little more. In order to obtain your passport, you will need two professional passport photos. These can be taken at your local drugstore (be sure to check yours) or at the passport office itself. Phone ahead of time to make sure that the location has the means to photograph your baby, as not all of them do. You will also need to bring a birth certificate for Baby and two forms of identification for yourself, and anyone else in your family.

When booking your flight, there are things you can keep an eye out for that can help your trip run smoother. Look for times where the plane will be less crowded, like weekdays or overnight flights. Flights that are overnight or the “red-eye” flights are good options, as your baby will be more naturally sleepy during this time. This is the time to spend a little extra money on a non-stop flight. Also, try to book your seats in the bulkhead seating section, which are at the front of each row. These seats offer more leg room and more room for you to handle your baby.

Even though many airlines offer free tickets for babies, you might want to buy a ticket for him or her anyway. They are usually much cheaper, and having an extra seat will give you more room to move around. Flight attendants are generally very helpful when it comes to helping you and your baby, including providing extra blankets or warming up a bottle.

When you are planning how you are going to spend your trip, make sure to make room for lots of down time. A schedule that is blocked full of activities will tire Baby and you out, and no will have any fun. Bring your own baby food, because many countries carry different brands that could upset Baby’s tummy, which isn’t good for anyone. Bring your own water bottles as well, both for your personal drinking and for baby’s bottle.