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Top Japanese Travelling Phrases – Learn These Phrases to Find Your Way in Japan

Top Japanese Travelling Phrases – Learn These Phrases to Find Your Way in Japan

Before visiting Japan, you must know some useful Japanese traveling phrases in order to get the maximum out of your trip. These must-know Japanese traveling phrases will help you in finding your way in Japan, a country where English is scarcely spoken and understood. So before setting foot on your flight to Japan, you must learn the following Japanese travelling phrases by heart.

1. While trying to find your way in a new country, you need to ask the natives about your destination like “I want to go to ____ (your destination)” and you can do so in Japanese by saying “____ ni ikitai desu”.

2. Japan is one of the countries where train is widely used as the mode of transport and whenever you are required to find your way to the train station, you can ask “Eki wa doko desu ka?” meaning “Where is the train station?”

3. “Denwa wa doko desu ka?” is another very useful Japanese traveling phrase which means “Where is the phone?” It can be particularly helpful if you need to make a call to your hosts or friends after reaching their city or near their place.

4. While traveling, a tourist is bound to feel thirsty and the following phrases can be really helpful in such circumstances. You can ask “Can I get water please?” by saying “Omizu kudasai?” or you can tell “I am thirsty” by saying “Nodo Kawaita”.

5. Similarly you can tell your fellows that you are hungry by saying “Onaka suita!” which translates as “I am hungry”.

6. An ultimate survival Japanese traveling phrase can be “O tearai wa doko desu ka?” which literally means “Where is the toilet?”

7. When you see a beautiful girl and want to capture the moment then you can ask her, “Can I take a picture with you?” by saying “Issho ni shashin o totte mo ii desu ka?”

8. For a smoker it can be very difficult to resist smoking for a long time and he can inquire, “May I smoke?” by saying “Tabako o suttemo ii desu ka?” in Japanese.

Here I have discussed some of the most useful Japanese traveling phrases and by learning them by heart you can help yourself for your journey to Japan. Learning these survival Japanese phrases can be very critical at times. Just imagine if you need to find your way to a toilet near you and are unable to convey your request to anyone around you. Thus if you plan to visit the “Land of the Rising Sun” soon then make sure that you are conversant with these common Japanese phrases before starting your trip.…

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What Do I Like To Do Business Concepts – Travel The Country

What Do I Like To Do Business Concepts – Travel The Country

Some people are homemakers, and some people are extroverted and they need to be out traveling around. They can hardly stay in one place for very long. If you are the latter, then perhaps you would find yourself better suited in a career which would have you constantly moving and traveling. Indeed, perhaps you wish to work for yourself, and you don’t necessarily want to be stuck in an office, or doing someone else’s bidding. That’s fine so, maybe you can start your own small business, something that would require you to do constant traveling. Okay so let’s talk about this shall we?

There are many business opportunities and small business models which incorporate travel. For instance, you might have a job delivering recreational vehicles from the manufacturer to the dealerships? You might find yourself as a consultant giving seminars or speeches. While traveling around the country I met several people who were travel writers, and they would travel to destinations, and write about those destinations, and sell those articles to travel journals and magazines. They got paid to travel, and they enjoyed every minute of it.

Today, it’s not cheap traveling, airline tickets are expensive, and so too is the fuel. If you are traveling by RV, and you have to pay four dollars a gallon for gasoline or diesel fuel you’re going to have to have some sort of job that pays those bills. Perhaps you should get a consulting gig in whatever industry you are interested in or have experience in, and allow the customers and clients to pay for your travel as part of your services. You might even set up your business and office inside your RV. That’s what I did, I drove for many years around the nation in a mobile command center, my office was on wheels.

There are also companies that will hire you for marketing, setting up events, going to trade shows, community fairs, and participating in their company branding. You don’t necessarily need to get a paycheck from these people, you could be self-employed, and hire out your services. That’s another good way to make money while traveling.

I can remember once I met someone that was in the MLM business, or multilevel marketing. He would travel around to his various distributors in a million-dollar motor coach. What a fun job he had, and that of course is one of many that you can do while traveling around the country in your own business.

If you have a passion for travel, perhaps you should be thinking here, and consider your options. You might consider some that I’ve mentioned above, and all the other possibilities out there. The number of opportunities is unlimited, and the great thing about it is you will be your own boss. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.…

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Essential Things to Look For in an Ideal Pet Friendly Hotel

Essential Things to Look For in an Ideal Pet Friendly Hotel

The recent researches reveal that a major chunk of worldwide population travels with their pets. As a result the airlines are witnessing a great deal of pet passengers each year. If we consider the statistics of the few years we will find that there is a tremendous growth in the percentage of people travelling with their pets. This has become a great success just because of the plenty of pet friendly hotels which are ubiquities and available in the most affordable place.

Pet friendly hotels are not only those hotels which welcome pets or allow them to come in their place while these are the hotels which have special services to cater the pets. Now while you are planning to move out you can also take your pet along as these hotels will offer them a comfortable stay.

As this is a recent phenomenon thus we are discussing here some bottom line facts that can help you understanding them in a more detailed manner;

1. Pet friendly hotels primarily mean the hotels with all the advance amenities to pamper your pet and make them feel at home in.

2. Search internet, online pet travel agencies, newspaper and talk to the people who can give you ample information about the pet friendly hotels.

3. The pet travel agencies can help you a lot by providing you city wise list of hotels, ski resorts, bread and breakfasts, beaches and pet friendly campgrounds.

4. There are certain hotels that do not permit pets for night stay and have their breed, size specific limitations.

5. In the holiday season these hotels are in great demand so take your reservation as soon as possible.

6. Mostly such hotels will ask you to produce the health certificates and the proof of vaccination at the time of admitting your pet.

7. Ideally a pet friendly hotel may include local dog walker or sitter services, pet grooming, pet taxi, training, cookies and doggie treat for some special occasions, salons, etc.

8. Always keep a road map, contact number and milestone of the hotel in which you are planning to reside in.

9. Pet friendly dining services include food and water bowls, bags and kitty litter pans and pet food, etc.

10. These hotels offer you pet sitting facilities which are the especially dedicated people who take care of your pet in your absence.

Following the above listed points you can enjoy a safe and healthy stay along with your beloved pet. So enjoy this fun filled experience.…

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4 Ways in Which Electric Fireplaces Are Better Than Traditional Wood Ones

4 Ways in Which Electric Fireplaces Are Better Than Traditional Wood Ones

If you are planning to install an electric fireplace, it is understandable if you have some kind of apprehension in your mind. After all, electric fireplaces are a very recent invention, and most people think that they are no patch on the traditional wood ones. And after all, traditional wood fireplaces look rustic and beautiful and greatly add to the d?�cor of the room in which they are present-electric fireplaces cannot do that.

There is also the fact that people are used to the popping and crackling sound that wood makes when it is burnt in a fireplace. For most people, this is what a fireplace should be like. Your electric fireplace is not going to produce these sounds. This is another reason why people don’t like electric fireplaces all that much.

However, if you knew better, you could see that there are some great advantages to electric fireplaces that you won’t get with traditional wood ones. Here is a list of them.

1. The first big benefit is that there is no installation per se for fireplaces. You just get these devices, place them in a convenient place, plug them into an electrical socket, power them on, and they are done. They are so very simple to use. This is one of the reasons why electric fireplaces are a popular choice in places like restaurants and offices because they don’t need to do anything major with the d?�cor of the room.

2. Also, these devices are quite sleek. They are compact and small, and they have their handles. You can easily carry these devices from one place to another. Their unique portability makes it easier for you to move around with them, even when you are traveling. They make outdoor picnics possible even in the fall and winter when people don’t like to venture out because of the cold. You just want an electric supply and you are done.

3. We all know how dramatically expensive timber has become. Added to that, it is actually a big pain to the environment if we are using wood just for burning and producing heat. That’s a terrible waste of a valuable natural resource and energy. That is the reason why a lot of people are moving towards fireplaces. They realize that fireplaces are a good replacement for wood; there is no wood used in these and hence they are doing their little bit for the environment.

4. Also, you will find that this fireplaces are highly convenient. We usually don’t have the time nowadays to carry out all the cleaning and maintenance tasks that traditional wood fireplaces need. There is no need to remove the ashes the next day itself and ventilate the place. With electric fireplaces, there is no smoke released and no ash is produced. These are very clean sources of heat and don’t require any more maintenance than a general electrical device would require. This also saves on the recurring cost-no need of regularly buying firewood or hiring people to clean and maintain your fireplace.

These reasons should put your mind at rest. Electrical fireplaces are really becoming popular now, and you wouldn’t be wrong if you invested in one.…

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Be Aware of the International Travel Tips For a World Tour

Be Aware of the International Travel Tips For a World Tour

TraTraveling anywhere in the world is not just exciting but very adventurous and a learning process. Many times tourists face lots of complications during the journey but that hasn’t stopped anyone from doing it again. We are going to discuss some of the international travel tips that will narrow down those complications.

Get the Papers in Order

All the travelers need passports, visas and other important documents. They should always carry IDs and other identification papers. If you are an American, it is good to be in touch with the State Department because you will get help in case of an emergency.

If you are traveling to international countries then there are different agencies which you must check and get information on how to contact who and where in case of emergency.

Be Aware of the Political Situation in the Country

Be sure to check the current situation of the country before you go there. Some countries may be going under political disturbance situation. Such information can be read on local newspaper or can be seen in local news channel.

Another thing that you must know about the country you are planning to travel is about the terrorism. Unless you know about the situation, you must plan on what to do in case of emergency. This requires right preparations and need proper documents.

Be Aware of the Country Laws and Customs

To avoid any misunderstanding, you should know something of their behavior and what they expect from other people. Remember, you’re a guest in that country so respect their ways.

Familiarizing with laws and customs rules and regulation of the location is good. Information on things like rules on currency exchange, traffic violation penalties, general rules on smoking and alcohol and others should be clear upfront before you go there. Visit the local custom and get familiarized with the working environment and people. This will avoid misunderstanding with local people. Remember people behave differently when they see a foreigner so you must know how to deal and how to be friendly.

Health Issues and Concerns

Check the insurance policy form your insurance provider if they covers your health expenses in other countries or not. If they don’t, start looking for one who does. You’ll never know when you will need medical emergency when you are abroad. And least you will be assured that you have medical insurance.

Other thing related to health issue is about finding if there is any epidemic in the country or not. Get vaccinated if required. Never forget to check the level of pollution of that place because it might be very polluted than where you came from. So prepare accordingly when you pack your things.

Other Considerations

In some countries the custom department will ask you for documents if you take pets along with you. So you need to read all the custom regulations of that country before you decide to take your pets.

People with disabilities and senior members may have special privilege in that country. Try to get all information from custom department.

Bring the medicines if you are under mediation. Change your outfit if necessary because it might not look appropriate in that country or it may just grab the attention of robbers.

All these information must be read in order to save yourself from the hassles and other headaches which are likely happen if you don’t obey the rules, and by getting informed firsthand, you will be able enjoy and relax during the trip.…

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Moving Abroad With a Pet – Visiting a USDA-Certified Veterinarian

Moving Abroad With a Pet – Visiting a USDA-Certified Veterinarian

The process of moving to a new country can be exciting, challenging and nerve-wracking. If you need to take household pets abroad with you, there are important things you need to know to make sure that your pet is properly prepared and has all of the necessary paperwork. This article will discuss the importance of visiting a USDA-approved veterinarian.

The single most important thing that you need to know when preparing for your dog’s visit to vet is not to assume that your regular veterinarian will be able provide you with the proper documentation. In fact, most major metropolitan areas have only a few USDA-certified vets able to complete the necessary paperwork for travel. As such, it’s important to ask your vet right away if they are certified and, if not, research animal doctors in your state that could conduct the proper exam.

Another important thing to consider is the tentative date of travel. Most countries require that your pet’s exam be completed within 10 days of departure. Since the paperwork your vet gives you then needs to be sent for certification by your state’s USDA, it’s imperative to schedule your appointment early. Ideally, you should schedule the exam in the first day or two of your window.

The actual exam your pet receives is quite simple. The doctor will make sure there are no major medical problems, review the pet’s vaccination history, and provide you with the necessary paperwork. Many vets will even provide the paperwork already translated into the language of your future home!…

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Running And Traveling

Running And Traveling

Running on the go is something that all runners deal with. Whether you are out of town for business or pleasure. It doesn’t have to be a problem – it just takes a little pre-planning.

Most people when they are going on vacation or taking a business trip look at the amenities at a hotel for several things. Usually a pool, restaurant, irons, hair dryers, etc.

Not, me! When I’m traveling, I look to see if the hotel has a decent fitness center. And, if I can’t tell from the pictures if they have a treadmill, I’ll give them a call to find out.

Now, I like running outdoors if possible. But, sometimes when travelling, it’s better to hit the treadmill – especially if you are in an area that you are not familiar with. And, depending on what time of day that you’ll be heading out to run. Most events at a conference start at 8:00 – so I’m up and running by 5 a.m. So, most of the time I’ll just head to the fitness center. (And, on a side note, it gives my husband peace of mind!)

In addition to checking if the hotel has a fitness center, you need to see what hours it is available. Some hotels limit the time of their fitness center – not sure why, but they do. I try to find hotels that have a fitness center that is available 24 hours. Most of them are these days – but it’s best to be sure. You don’t want to be all ready to go running early and find out it doesn’t open until 7 or 8.

If you have to stay somewhere that doesn’t have a fitness center, give the hotel a call before you leave. Tell them that you are a runner and that you are not familiar with the area where they are located. Ask them if it is alright to run there – and let them know what time you’ll be planning on running.

You never know what you may find. In the past, I’ve found that a nice running trail may be very close to where I’m staying – and safe and well-lit. Usually, hotels are very helpful. They’ll tell you if it’s safe to run – and what direction you should head out in. Don’t be afraid to ask – it’s your safety!

Running on the go is easy. You just need to do a little planning.…