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Cancun’s Mayan Riviera Villa Rentals – A Good Alternative to Mainstream Resorts

When heading down to a famous beach destination such as Cancun, it is hard to not re-do the same activities and hit the same spots as everyone else there visiting. After all, any stay in Cancun will do the justice. The problem really surges when having to hear the thousand loud others one in your hotel. This can often have a relaxing vacation turn into a tumultuous affair. However, finding a remote quiet location is an option too.

Mayan Riviera villa rentals are an alternative to rambling city hotel stays. There are different beaches located on the side coasts of the main city of Cancun. The rental of a villa comes with more than just beautiful designed rooms. Some resorts also include some beachfront locations with a magnificent seaside view from the window, and a yoga room.

Hacienda del Secreto for example is one of those Mayan Riviera villas offering all these options. The Hacienda or estate is one of beach resorts away from the hectic of the Cancun center. This is one is only 20 minutes from landing in the main city’s airport. This Mayan Riviera villa estate has 5 difference villas whom to choose from. Each has its own beachside and special characteristics.

Casa del Secreto is one of their villas that mirrors the Mexican architecture full of life and color. Yet, the villa is not old fashioned either. It still offers high speed internet service all around the grounds and has beach activities available including beach volleyball nets and kayaking on the sea. Villa Tortuga, on the other hand, takes the theme of sea turtles who come sprawling into the beach’s sand every time they return from sea. The villa offers a more private stay at Hacienda del Secreto with a gated palisade around the villa. There is no need to leave the villa for much, since any activities can be provided through hotel services, and cable and wi-fi are also available at this villa. Umakiha villa is more open than Villa Tortuga. Umahika is modeled after the Mayan style of architecture. The villa is more simplistic in its amenities but offers a range of beach huts and cultural appreciation site views unavailable anywhere else.

Casa Chiquita is another of their villas offering an unseen rooftop view of the ocean. This villa is more for one couple’s stay in Cancun, offering privacy and esthetic to guests. Even as you plan to gear away from the noise of the city, places like Hacienda del Secreto offer an estate that is unmatchable to the others you’d find in the main city center. Palapa Papa Jack is their modern induced villa with the feeling of a luxury hotel and the tranquil feel of a remote destination.

The fun and luxury that comes with staying in Cancun can be taken away by the hassle and rowdiness of the main city center. The best thing about staying at a villa is getting all Cancun has to offer along with some peace and quiet.