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Is the Airbus A-380 Causing Airport Congestion For the Air Traveling Public?

Is the Airbus A-380 Causing Airport Congestion For the Air Traveling Public?

Many folks like the idea of flying on a gigantic A-380 Airbus and may try to book a flight on such an aircraft, but before you do, there are a couple of things you should know about this aircraft. First, it holds so many people it takes over 1.5 hours just to get everyone on the plane to take off, and it takes about that long to get everyone off again.

That’s right, and if you are in the wrong seat, you could kiss another 3-hours good bye for the privilege of flying on the biggest passenger airliner ever built. Oh, but it gets worse, and let me explain. If you have luggage that is not carry on, it takes longer to unload all the luggage, therefore you will be waiting in huge lines in the terminal to retrieve your luggage.

Then there is the issue of ground transportation. You see, it causes an insane traffic jam of people inside the terminal, and all the way out to the street, as it also causes a huge traffic jam outside the terminal with buses, vans, taxis and cars waiting to pick people up, remember they will have to wait 1.5 hours until everyone gets off.

All-in-all, if several of these aircraft were to land at most any modern day airport all at the same time, or within a couple of hours of each other at terminals close to one another, it would be a traffic jam nightmare from hell.

So whereas, you’d like to fly in such an aircraft on your next trip, and who can blame you, as the A-380 is a huge plane, and noteworthy, you must consider all the ramifications of your decision. It’s too bad Airbus didn’t think about that, before they built such a humongous plane. Please think on it.