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Top Japanese Travelling Phrases – Learn These Phrases to Find Your Way in Japan

Top Japanese Travelling Phrases – Learn These Phrases to Find Your Way in Japan

Before visiting Japan, you must know some useful Japanese traveling phrases in order to get the maximum out of your trip. These must-know Japanese traveling phrases will help you in finding your way in Japan, a country where English is scarcely spoken and understood. So before setting foot on your flight to Japan, you must learn the following Japanese travelling phrases by heart.

1. While trying to find your way in a new country, you need to ask the natives about your destination like “I want to go to ____ (your destination)” and you can do so in Japanese by saying “____ ni ikitai desu”.

2. Japan is one of the countries where train is widely used as the mode of transport and whenever you are required to find your way to the train station, you can ask “Eki wa doko desu ka?” meaning “Where is the train station?”

3. “Denwa wa doko desu ka?” is another very useful Japanese traveling phrase which means “Where is the phone?” It can be particularly helpful if you need to make a call to your hosts or friends after reaching their city or near their place.

4. While traveling, a tourist is bound to feel thirsty and the following phrases can be really helpful in such circumstances. You can ask “Can I get water please?” by saying “Omizu kudasai?” or you can tell “I am thirsty” by saying “Nodo Kawaita”.

5. Similarly you can tell your fellows that you are hungry by saying “Onaka suita!” which translates as “I am hungry”.

6. An ultimate survival Japanese traveling phrase can be “O tearai wa doko desu ka?” which literally means “Where is the toilet?”

7. When you see a beautiful girl and want to capture the moment then you can ask her, “Can I take a picture with you?” by saying “Issho ni shashin o totte mo ii desu ka?”

8. For a smoker it can be very difficult to resist smoking for a long time and he can inquire, “May I smoke?” by saying “Tabako o suttemo ii desu ka?” in Japanese.

Here I have discussed some of the most useful Japanese traveling phrases and by learning them by heart you can help yourself for your journey to Japan. Learning these survival Japanese phrases can be very critical at times. Just imagine if you need to find your way to a toilet near you and are unable to convey your request to anyone around you. Thus if you plan to visit the “Land of the Rising Sun” soon then make sure that you are conversant with these common Japanese phrases before starting your trip.