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Travel First Aid Kits – What to Pack

Travel First Aid Kits – What to Pack

Are you wondering what to pack as far as first aid goes when planning a trip? If you want to know what to put in your travel first aid kits, you will need to determine what type of trip you are embarking upon. Whether you are going on a camping trip, a cruise around the world on your own yacht or on a business trip in Asia, you should think about bringing along a first aid kit, however the contents will vary depending on how long and what type of trip you are taking.

The first thing to do to figure out what you should be bringing is to think about what types of medicines you regularly use. If you are on a certain type of prescription medication, you will need to bring an adequate supply for the length of your trip. Also, ask yourself which other medication you use regularly. Do you prefer Advil to Tylenol? Do you use Tums, constipation or diarrhea medicine? Of course, no matter what you will need the essential bandages and medical supplies in case of an emergency, plus sunscreen.

If you will be away from all medical care, you will need to bring a lot more than if there are plenty of reliable medical aid close by to where you are going. If you are hiking though, keep in mind that you will need to lug all this equipment with you so it better not weigh too much!

Here are some basics that you should consider in your customized first aid kit:

Walking and Hiking Trips: Bring supplies to treat blisters, twisted ankles, poison ivy, scrapes and cuts, sunscreen, sunburn cream, insect repellent, bug bite cream.

Camping Trips: Bring supplies to treat burns such as burn gel, first aid cream, bandages and tape, water purifier tablets, insect bite cream.

Great Outdoor Trips: Tweezers for ticks and splinters, alcohol pads, insect repellent, bug bite cream or spray & bee sting kit, allergy medication, snake bite kit.

Travel To Lesser Developed Countries: Malaria medication, diarrhea medication, sunscreen, altitude sickness medication, pain killers and antibiotic cream, insect repellent, mosquito screen, water purifier, iodine tablets, sunburn cream with aloe.

The following is a basic list that could be suitable for most types of travel. If you are expecting bigger emergencies like broken bones, cardiac problems, gunshot wounds, etc…, you will need to plan more intensively perhaps with the assistance of your doctor. No matter what, enroll yourself in a first aid course in order to learn great first aid skills that will teach you to use your supplies.

* analgesics (Tylenol, Motrin, Nuprin, Advil, ASA, codeine)

* anti-nausea medicine (Gravol)

* anti-diarrhea medicine (Imodium, Kapec, Pepto-Bismol)

* antibiotic such as Cipro, Nebcin, Zithromax)

* rehydration liquid (Gastrolyte, Pedialyte)

* antifungal cream (Canestan, tea tree oil)

* antihistamine (Alegra, Benadryl)

* topical antibiotic (Polysporin, Mupirocin, Bacitracin)

Medical Supplies to Pack (many or these included in standard first aid kits)

* antiseptic

* bandaids

* tensor bandage

* sterile needles, suture supplies (e.g. Steri Aid Kit)

* tweezers

* Swiss Army knife

* thermometer