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Traveling With Toddlers – Expect the Unexpected

Traveling With Toddlers – Expect the Unexpected

Either going to the park across town or crossing the whole country, traveling with toddlers is filled with constant needs that you have to be prepared for.

A travel with toddlers is a bit different from a travel with kids. With the little ones, you can pack food, enough milk for the trip, diapers and small toys; and expect them to eat and sleep almost the whole trip. On a travel with toddlers, you will need much more food, more toys and a lot whole more attention to keep them entertained.

Traveling with toddlers, first of all, you have to keep in mind that for an energy packed 2-year old, it is hard to stay seated in a car, train or plane for too long. So, packing light isn’t really what we should aim for. Instead, pack smart with efficiency and not leaving anything behind that you might regret later.

Plan your vacation ahead: How are you traveling? How long will the trip take? And, where will you stay?

How are you traveling?

Remember that your toddlers require lots and lots of attention and supervision, not only when on the road, but also when stopping for meal or visiting a landmark. Accidents may happen very fast in the blink of an eye. Keep them always close to you.

Always bring extra clothes and sanitary items. Traveling with toddlers means a mess – keep plastic bags on hand, not only because any of them can get motion sickness, but also for garbage. Zip-lock bags are great for dirty clothes. Tissues and wipes are must-haves at all times to clean after your little tornadoes.

How long will the trip take?

When traveling with toddlers it is important to know how long your trip will take. You can plan ahead your activities to keep them stimulated with games, books and toys.

Bring plenty of food and drinks. It is very essential to keep them drinking liquids while traveling, not only water but also juices, preferably from non-spill containers. You can bring some candies (too many will make their tummies ache) and some chocolates to give out as prizes from games is the best tactic.

Where will you stay?

One last thing to consider when traveling with toddlers is the place where you will stay. Although most hotels already have everything you need for your kids and everything will be ready for your family when you arrive, it is also important to be prepared.

Pack your medicines and vitamins, especially those that your kids take regularly. Add extra clothes, 2 changes per day – it might be hard to find laundry services. Buy a pre-laundry stain stick, it works great to remove stains while away from home, and it will save you from running out of clothes.

Besides all this, pack your own things. And, remember to enjoy your travel. Traveling with toddlers may be very tiring, but with this smart planning for a hassle-free experience, a travel with kids is nothing but fun. In the end, it will be very rewarding and your relationship will grow stronger and closer.