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Most Offbeat European Places to Visit

Every destination in the world has a unique tale to tell and unique experiences can be relished only when you plan and venture out on holidays. You can seek out a place where you can just sit and relax with a good book while sipping on a refreshing cocktail and gazing at the vast mountain ranges from the confines of your luxurious resort. One should take it upon themselves to embark on timely sojourns to different and offbeat locations to relax the mind and body. These unusual experiences often prove to be the most memorable part of a trip. Unchartered locations have their own unique charm and aura attached to them which can invigorate your soul and create memories to last for a lifetime.

Gone are the days when travelling was a niche of the rich and the famous as expensive air tickets used to put the convenience of flights out of a common man’s reach. With several special discounts on flight bookings, cheap flight tickets have paved the way to spontaneous travel across the globe. With great deals on flight tickets and stupendous flight offers available at the click of a button, planning holidays isn’t a hassle anymore. Now, you can focus on having a relaxing time and unwind on your well-deserved holiday without worrying about the budget. Here are some of the most offbeat locations in Europe which you can opt for if you want to travel off the beaten path.

  • Galesnjak, Croatia

Buzzing with activity all year round, Galesnjak is also nicknamed the Entrancing Lover’s Island.  Set amidst the crystal clear waters of the Pasman Channel, this spectacular heart-shaped island creates a mesmerising atmosphere.  With breathtaking views of the majestic blue Adriatic waters, this place is the ideal to lose yourself.  Essentially, a privately owned islandand a walk along this island grants sweeping views of the clean & unscathed beaches. Furthermore, this beautiful heart-shaped island features two gorgeous mountain peaks, the highest of which is 36 m high above sea level.

Owing to its isolated location, this island makes for the perfect place to relish a romantic moment uninterrupted. This island rose to popularity a few years back when curious Google Earth users stumbled upon an image that resembled a clumsily scrawled heart. Spread across just 130,000 square yards, Galešnjak is virtually uninhabited and does not have any hotels, houses or any sort of tourist facilities. The best way to visit this island is by renting a boat and riding to the island or alternatively taking up one of the cruises which make stopovers on the island.

  • Nuuk, Greenland

Experience the heart of Greenland in Nuuk, the small, colourful capital city and its biggestand most cosmopolitan town. Although getting to Nuuk might prove to be an ordeal, once you get there, you will be thankful that you made the journey. Greenland’s capital and hub of trade and commerce, Nuuk is blessed with some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet. From the guided whale watching tours, elegant museumsand thrilling dog sledging expeditions to the marvellous sight of the Northern Lights, Nuuk is famed for its spectacular sights, sounds, and outdoor activities.

When in Nuuk, you can take a historical city walk down Nuuk’s famed city centre and admire the old, quaint traditional architecture. You could even pay a visit to the majestic National Greenland Museum which holds intricate handicrafts and artefacts and showcases much of the nation’s 4,500-year old history. Nuuk has several activities and offerings catering to both the culture & heritage seeking visitor and the nature-loving visitor.

Foodies will have a ball with several café’s and restaurants spread across the city serving amazing versions of Greenlandic cuisine. Theideal time to visit this place is between June and August so make sure you make cheap flight bookings in advance. If you want to revel in summer cruises under the midnight sun or partake in some natural sightseeing as well as some thrill blazing adventures, Nuuk is the place to be.

  • Tromsø, Norway

Sitting 400km north of the Arctic Circle at 69˚N, Tromsø is famed for its natural beauty, dramatic architecture, superlative hiking facilities and its ubiquitous local music scenes. Easily the most picturesque city in Norway, Tromsø is a fascinating and beautiful place to visit. This city exudes an irresistible small-town feel with its winding cobblestone streets, adorable wooden houses, gothic churches and a maze of white houses.  It is indeed a paradise for party fanatics and pet lovers alike.

Additionally, Tromsø offers one of the highest probabilities of experiencing the northern lights. A boon for adventure buffs, in Tromsø you can opt to go on a dog sledging or a whale safari excursion, or even attempt to get a selfie clicked with the local reindeer, whales and sea eagles amidst the surrounding nature. …