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5 Essential Travel Tips for First Time Backpackers

The thrill of traveling and exploring new places and cultures can be captivating. The allure of the unknown and the prospect of new friendships and memories almost makes you want to leave right now, especially for first time backpackers.


You should, however, be aware that there are several risks involved and you should be adequately prepared to deal with them. Here are 5 essential travel tips for first-time backpackers.

1. Stay Alert

Although traveling is exhilarating and disorienting in many ways, you should always ensure you don’t get carried away with it and lose total focus. Without proper concentration, you could easily leave your luggage behind somewhere or have it stolen from right beneath your feet. By staying alert, it will also be difficult for people to take advantage of you by pretending to be friends.

2. Do Research

This is the first time you are visiting a new place and you know nothing about it. First, always make sure that you do in-depth research on the various neighborhoods in the region you’ll be visiting to know which require more vigilance and just how safe the nightlife is. Memorize this knowledge and be sure to avoid areas that are shady, no matter the circumstance.

3. Don’t Carry All Your Money in One Place

This includes not only cash but also credit and debit cards. The first step is to only carry with you the cash you need and one credit card leaving the rest of your stash back in your room. This way, even if you lose money you won’t be stranded because you’ll have a backup that will hopefully be locked away back at your place of residence.

4. Always Have a Backup Plan

Making a backup plan always seems to be boring to a lot of travellers, but it is very crucial. Take your time and consider the various places and activities you will engage in, and have a fool proof backup plan in place. That includes getting travel insurance, scanning copies of your important documents like your visa and passport, and splitting your medication between your pockets and backpack. It’s always a good idea to have a bulletproof backup plan as you never can know when you might need it.

5. Pack Your Resumé

Nobody can predict the future and there is no telling what will happen once you get there. You may fall in love with the place and decide to extend your stay or even work there. Ensure you pack your resumé in the event that you do decide to do some job hunting. You could either have it on a flash drive, email it to yourself or store it in the cloud; as long as you can access it at any time.

Nothing is more exciting than meeting and interacting with new people with different opinions, beliefs, traditions, and cultures. Backpacking can be a life changing experience that can leave you with great memories, as long as you remain safe and vigilant at all times.…

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5 Must-Try Cocktails at My Bar

Located in Connaught Place, My Bar is amongst the coolest and most trending bars in the entire city. It offers one of the best lounging and restrobar experiences for people. It is particularly very popular amongst the youth and is amongst the top notch party places. Its cosy and comfortable interiors, pocket-friendly prices, awesome party vibe and loud lively music are its best features that make this lounge a classic favourite for most people.

As far as the food is concerned, the menu can be classified into three cuisines – North Indian, Chinese and Mughlai. Both the main course as well as starter dishes are quite delectable. It also offers rooftop dining, which is allotted to the customers on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also call up the lounge and request them to book a table for you in the rooftop.

If you are at My Bar, the bar is certainly not going to disappoint you in any way. They have a wide variety of drinks and they make sure that they serve the finest quality of drinks. These drinks are not only taste delicious, but also very refreshing and rejuvenating. Here are some of the must-try cocktails that you cannot miss when you are at My Bar:

Electric Blue

This is the first cocktail that you must definitely order at My Bar. It is avodka-based cocktail that contains Blue Curacaoliquor. This attributes to the colour of the drink and gives it a vibrant blue, which looks extremely delicious and appetizing. It also contains lime juice for a tangy flavour and is topped with lemonade.


If you are fond of cocktails, then Daiquiri should surely be on your list of favourite cocktails. This drink is based on white rum and contains a unique blend of sour and sweet flavours. It is available in different flavours and you can inquire about them when you place your order at the lounge. This is amongst the extremely delicious cocktails at this bar.

Long Island Ice Tea

My Bar is extremely popular for its coveted Long Island Ice Tea. The staff prepares the drinks with utmost precision and presents a beautiful and yummy concoction of vodka, tequila, gin and white rum. In addition to this, its taste is enhanced with the help of triple sec and then it is topped with coke. This drink is a classic favourite for most people.

Sex on the Pool

Sex on the Pool is a cocktail that is based on vodka and has some refreshing fruity flavours. It is prepared by using a variety of beaches like lime juice, pineapple juice, mango juice and orange juice. For those people who avoid having Sex on the Beach because of cranberry juice in it, this cocktail is a great choice.

My Bar Overdose

My Bar Overdose is a special cocktail served at this lounge. It contains a variety of flavours and drinks like coke, whisky, lime juice, vodka and white wine. The end concoction is so delicious that this drink will make you visit this lounge more often.

Most of the drinks listed above have the option of either ordering a single or ordering four drinks. The price for four drinks is as a combo offer and it offers some discount to the customers.

Address: G-68, Near Metro Exit 7 & 8, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

So, if you have great cocktails in your mind in an amazing fun-filled environment, head to My Bar with your friends and family soon and have a wonderful experience with the party and fun aura.…

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4 Sorts Of Consumer Products And Advertising Issues

There are numerous methods to classify client merchandise and one of them is to find out the patron shopping for behavior for a particular products and subsequently classify the product as per the shopping for behavior. Although consumption charges of a specialty product could be just like a purchasing product, the price is often increased and shoppers are far more selective in their purchasing. Due to this fact, consumers spend much more effort and time in gathering data and evaluating options.


Shopper merchandise are defined as merchandise that satisfy a consumer’s wants or needs. The second one of the four varieties of consumer products is the purchasing product. Consumers really don’t need substitutes and are brand loyal. Beneath yow will discover relevant advertising and marketing concerns for every of the four varieties of client merchandise. And also shopper can get special coupons to get special price at Dealvoucherz.

Thus, a lot of these shopper merchandise shoppers don’t think about usually, at the very least not till they need them. After all, most shoppers desire a specific model of soda or kind of candy bar. Other gadgets that might match a convenience product example could be if the Ninja purchases candy, soda, water, or a hairbrush.

Different examples of these kinds of consumer products are life insurance coverage, pre-deliberate funeral services and many others. Keep in mind that a product contains all objects, similar to warranties, packaging, after-sales observe-up material, and so forth. Thus, a distinction between the 2 kinds of consumer products presented so far is that the procuring product is usually much less steadily purchased and extra carefully in contrast.

Fairly, the effort must be understood by way of different elements: Patrons invest for instance the time wanted to succeed in sellers that carry the needed products. In this lesson, you’ll learn the distinction between business and client products.…

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Top 7 Backpacks Accessories You Should Buy Right Now

Hiking, trekking and all are exciting and adventurous at the same time. Apart from a strong will, fit body, and stamina; there’s much more you need to accompany you throughout your trip. Backpacks are great for stuffing in your luggage yet what you need to put in is what matters the most. If you are new to adventurous tours and have no idea what to pack, here are some backpacks accessories to buy first.


  1. Sleeping Bag For Safe Sleep

Let’s be honest – a few lodgings aren’t sterile, so a quality sleeping bag is an absolute necessity for you wherever you go. This silk one is both extremely agreeable and functional for any atmosphere. Silk is one the most breathable fabrics and helps manage your body temperature, keeping you easily cool or warm no matter where you are. Pick one which provides protection against mosquito, hostile to kissing bugs and against bacterial qualities, and emerges from the opposition.

  1. Headlamp For Light

Headlamps assist hugely with evening exercises – like setting up a tent or checking where that clamor originated from – however, many are overwhelming and simply awkward. Enter a store of backpacks accessories and pick a straightforward and lightweight option. Remember that it should be lightweight and able to produce maximum light. With least complicated features, working shouldn’t be less difficult. An accompanying versatile headband and USB charger would be icing on the cake.

  1. Pen Knife For Utility

Pen blades may appear to be obsolete to youngsters, however, when you have to get into a tin of sustenance, manage a hangnail or simply cut some tape, they wind up noticeably basic. They are little and durable, with various capacities and a hold design. Some even have two flathead screwdrivers, a can opener, nail document and nail cleaner, and an around eight centimeter edge. The indication of any great pen knife: the cutting edge comes sufficiently sharp to cut through paper with little power.

  1. Neck Pillow For Comfort

Broadened mentor ventures are a staple of voyaging, so whether you’re getting an overnighter to another city or burning through 20 hours going down a similar street in Australia, a fair neck pillow will prove to be useful. You can go with one that has a velour cover and is loaded with adjustable foam, which makes it absurdly agreeable to use.

There are many backpacks accessories for sale available online where you will find pillows too.

  1. Power Bank For Battery Backup

For those circumstances you wind up in the wild, this convenient phone charger is an unquestionable requirement. A smooth chamber approximately twelve centimeters in length, can easily fit into any rucksack. A good quality power bank takes two-three hours to completely charge, after which you’ll have the capacity to revive your phone again. You can even check the level of accuse of the main button on the whole gadget. One that supports all types of phones – Android, iPhone, Blackberry would be just perfect.

  1. Towel

Pressing a wet towel into your knapsack each other day gives microscopic organisms some assistance that it needn’t bother with. Gratefully, microfibre towels have made this part of voyaging much better. They are amazingly lightweight and ridiculously spongy, given how thin they are. In spite of the fact that it feels odd at first to get dry with a “level” texture, they work activity splendidly and are totally dry inside a hour or two. You can find them in different sizes, colors, and shapes from a backpack accessories store.

  1. Reusable Water Bottle

Suppresses can take a senseless measure of room in a rucksack, however, your choice should be one that is absolutely level when discharge. It should be made out of an extreme yet flexible plastic, you can even move it when not being used, sparing important space.

These are many backpack accessories that you should bring along whenever you are out for a trip or adventure.…

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Mumbai vs. Delhi: The Battle for Food Capital

Mumbai and Delhi are the two much-hyped metropolis cities of India; one is the financial capital and the other is national capital of the country. These two places demonstrate how much difference can crop up within a few hundred kilometers in terms of culture, food, living, trends, and lifestyle. If you have been traveling via flights from Delhi to Mumbai, you would immediately recognise the stark difference between the dining options at both the places.

Assessing the foodies’ haven in India

When it comes to cricket, food or Bollywood, we find it difficult to be neutral, as these topics are so close to our heart. So, we had to call out all those foodies across the country to know which among these two cities deserves the title of Food capital of India, and the answers came in freely.

What went in favor of Mumbai?

Mumbai is a strong contender, the city that never sleeps, as said. But wake up you’ve got to have your breakfast yet? Try the taste that localities like Thane boast of – such as ‘Misal Pav’ with kokum sarbat to cool you at Mamledar Misal. You can also have the iconic Bombay sandwich that is stuffed with vegetables and then toasted, served with green chutney slathered on it; this is available at any street corner.

And the mouth-watering dish of ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ is undoubtedly our all-time favorite – the ‘Pav Bhaji’, which is topped with butter cubes on it. For lunch, you get the finest seafood experience since 40 years at Trishna (Fort). You must try their signature dish- crab prepared in butter pepper garlic sauce. Another not-to-miss is the Mangalorean fare at Mahesh lunch home that is so popular in Mumbai.

For your evening snack you have to have the street taste. The Indian burger that is ‘Vada Pav’ found on every street of the city. Also comes the competitive snack between the two of the cities- ‘Panipuri’, the ragda panipuri with the hot and cold combination plays with your taste palates. The hot ragda in the puri with cold pani will make your day. And if you’re looking for a shot of java, then you can straight away head to Candies in Pali Hill and Bistro 1 in Lokhandwala. They are all-time favorites of café lovers.

How did Delhi fare?

A food lover has to start the day with a sumptuous breakfast, and when it comes to Delhi, you get plenty of options. One of them is Chache Di Hatti, their menu is limited, but their ‘aloo wale chole, chole kulche and sada chole bhatura are enough to give you true dilli-style breakfast. Like if you prefer western breakfast, then try All American Diner for waffles and pancakes.

For lunch, you can have some carbs, paranthas and they say no one makes better butter chicken than Delhi does. There are some fancy restaurants like Lavaash and Q’la overlooking Qutub Minar, they are built on the terrace and provide a stunning view at a great dining budget.

Being in Delhi and not tasting the chaats is unfair to the city. Some of the famous places are Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wale and Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala. Delhi’s ‘Gol-Gappe’ is must have, the north Indian style panipuri. And yes, don’t forget to visit the Old Famous Jalebi Wala. All the café lovers, you can get your customized palate at Big Chill Café.

Well if you are a Mumbaikar or a Delhiite, the two things really stand out about the city is rich history and delicious food. It will be tough to answer which is the best city for food among the two. But we will surely agree that both are spectacular in their range and taste. Why don’t you take an Air India flight, try out a slice from both the mega cities and let us know your opinion? We will be waiting!