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A New Concept of Traveling Pleasure With Norwegian Cruise Lines

A New Concept of Traveling Pleasure With Norwegian Cruise Lines

When it comes to freestyle cruising, Norwegian Cruise Lines are the best choice anyone can make, since they have set the standards in this industry. There are so many innovative concepts that they have introduced, that it will be impossible for you not to find something that will fulfill all your needs.

NCL has introduced ground-breaking dining concepts, including the “President’s Menu,” that was developed by Henry Haller, the former Chief Executive of the White House. The whole dinner menu comprises unique recipes and dishes that were created for 20 years in the White House.

The boats offer several cozy restaurants and a luxury restaurant called Le Bistro. The regional dishes and international, low calorie vegetarian as well as children’s menus are available. The company continues to increase the variety of cooking meals for passengers to provide new menus, new restaurants and more freedom of choice.

One of the most innovative concept of Freestyle Cruising is the dinner, allowing passengers to eat anywhere and with whomever they wish. This concept should give passengers new exciting menu choices and the opportunity to enjoy a different restaurant and a different pattern of food each night on a cruise of seven days.

The new boats offer a range of restaurants to rival any restaurant in the world, traditional restaurants catering to French, Italian, Asian, from sushi to Spanish tapas. As part of Freestyle, passengers can choose from a variety of dining options during the same week. From elegant French bistros and bars to Italian trattorias to sushi and tapas, you can try a different formula almost every night. With a range of up to ten different restaurants, each of which offers a varied menu that changes constantly, passengers eat what they want to eat, and there is no room reserved. Imagine restaurants open from 17 pm to midnight allowing customers to take a quick bite before the show or dinner later head to head. Moreover, of course, there is always the possibility to use the room service and, 24 hours on 24. Passengers have the option to dine where, when and with whom they want, which is perfectly normal holiday.

The Cabins

All cabins of the Norwegian company are equipped with TV, refrigerator, safe box, duvets and a bathroom with shower. Most lower beds are convertible to a queen size bed. All suites and penthouse suites have full height glass doors leading to a private balcony.

Owner’s Suites

The owner’s suites include a private balcony, living room, a separate bedroom that has a king size bed, a dining room, a library of CD / DVD, a minibar, as well as a luxurious bathroom with separate shower and tube.

Penthouse Suites

The penthouse suites include a private balcony, living room, a separate bedroom that features a queen size bed, a separate children’s room, a library of CD / DVD, dining room, as well as a luxurious bathroom shower and tube separately.

Living In Luxury

The Norwegian Cruise Lines Suites and Villas offer the best of freestyle cruising – just on a higher floor. These luxurious homes provide everything you can expect from a cruise and much more.

What do you think of VIP treatment with a waiter or a concierge who organizes your activities? What do you think of vast areas, bathrooms with breathtaking views of endless ocean and private balconies? If you are drowsy after a snack from the menu of Special Suites Service cabin, you can be sleeping in luxurious linens and wake you with a full breakfast in your suite. Even embarking and disembarking the ship is easier with the priority programs.

As you can see, freedom and luxury are the best defining words for the Norwegian Cruise Lines and going on a cruise can be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life.