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Top 4 Places to Visit in Sydney

Top 4 Places to Visit in Sydney

It’s no secret that Australia is a favourite tourist destination for travellers around the world. And at the top of many tourist lists is Sydney, perhaps the most famous Australian city, home to nearly 4,000,000 people. One of the best ways to really appreciate the beauty of Sydney is to travel by hire car to any one of a number of scenic and famous destinations which are dotted around the city.

Whilst it is difficult to choose any must see list, following four places offer something for everyone and, as a collection, they represent the quintessential elements of Sydneyv itself.

Sydney Opera House. The building itself is an icon famous around the world, and is possibly the most photographed landmark in Australia. It has been dubbed one of the wonders of the modern world since it was completed in the early 1970s, and indicates the boldness of the Australian personality through its unique design and is proudly held up as an example of Australian exuberance and confidence. It is located on the edge of Sydney Harbour and is a photographer’s delight at any time of day. It is not only a striking landmark but also the home of opera and stage to the most famous productions in the world.

Sydney Harbour. Sydney Harbour provides the most dramatic backdrop to many of Sydney’s famous landscapes. It provides the perfect setting for Sydney Opera House and is also a vital part of Sydney’s transport system becoming the conduit for both traditional and high-speed ferries which whisk the city’s large population from north to south and east to west in glorious splendour. Sydneysiders have a smug enjoyment whatever they travel on a ferry either to or from work or when taking the family to the beach or park to enjoy a harbourside lunch. There are hundreds of bays and inlets where tourists can enjoy a relaxing moment in the sun or else go fishing or even enjoy a swim.

The Rocks. Surrounding the city side of the harbour, the Rocks area is a well travelled tourist destination for history lovers. Most of the stone buildings that still survive Australia’s early settlement in the 1770s were built by convict labour. Originally designed as storage facilities for the new colony and as housing for the government and military officials, they have now been restored to their original glory for tourists to enjoy as restaurants, craft shops and pubs.

Taronga Park Zoo. Built on the north side of the harbour in the suburb of Mosman, Taronga Park zoo must surely be one of the most spectacular in the world. With sweeping stunning views of the harbour as its backdrop, the zoo is home to representatives of every animal on the planet. After several redesigns and restructuring projects, the zoo is now an exemplary and sympathetic home to animals from every continent on earth. Tourists can enjoy a wonderful day out not just viewing the animals in their natural habitats, but also taking in the sights of the city in the distance across the wonders of the blue Harbour, enjoying lunch in a quiet park with their families.

Hire cars

are a great way to visit any of these wonderful attractions, and tourists can take advantage of the easy to navigate roads which are well signposted for each and every attraction.