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Creating an Itinerary for RV Trips

Creating an Itinerary for RV Trips

Being prepared when you embark on your RV trip is the key to having a great time. You’ll want to first create a supplies checklist that will allow you to pack and shop early. After that you will want to start creating an itinerary for yourself.

Now there are some RV travelers that will argue that having the option to make last minute stops along the way is one of the very reasons they pick RVing as a way to travel. These last minute stops no doubt add fun and excitement along the way. This is all too true but you can still do those stops while getting back on course with your original outline, your itinerary, and not miss out on any fun at all. At the same time your outline can help to keep you from getting too far off track and getting lost or losing valuable time.

Here are a couple of benefits of creating an itinerary for your RV trips:

1. Safety.

Just like anything RV travel can be dangerous. You can end up stranded or you may get into an accident. Your cell phone may not work if you are driving through a remote area. It’s usually a good idea to stay with your rig if in trouble, especially in bad weather, so you may end up spending a few days stranded. If you create an itinerary and leave it with someone that you know and love, help may be able to come a lot quicker for you.

2. Getting the most “bang for your buck”. Planning out your adventure can save you a lot of research time on the road and a lot of frustration. Everywhere you go there is lots to see and do and chances are you are only going to spend so much time in an area. Creating an itinerary before you leave can let you plan your entertainment objectives ahead of time rather than being pulled in many different directions. By having clear objectives you will likely get more accomplished as far as enjoying different activities that the area has to offer. By taking a few minutes to do this research, you are more likely to enjoy your next RV trip and less likely to miss out on something fun!

There is a reason that trip planning companies have made life easier with their famous maps and trip ticks. It is because when people take time to take a vacation they usually don’t want to be saddled with “thinking” too much. When you do a bit of this before you leave, when you hit the open road you can relax and glance at your itinerary every now and then for some direction. Just be sure to include the basics in your itinerary for your RV trips like the start and end times of your trip, the main route in which you will be traveling and which stops you plan to make each day. And finally take your itinerary with you to help serve as a vacation guide, but also be sure to leave a copy with a trusted friend or relative.