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France: A Country Having a Galore of Monuments and Charming Mountain Sceneries

France: A Country Having a Galore of Monuments and Charming Mountain Sceneries

European nations are not only rich in culture but also have many awesome tourist spots and remarkable natural beauty. This is the primary key to rising of European tourism industry. The fact also states that the countries of Europe have really many number of good-looking features to attract the traveler from all over the world. The similar thing goes with France. There is nothing which beats France in terms of fashion, affluent legacy and above all their traditional values. This country boasts in providing all means to lead a comfortable and prosperous life to its people. Apart from that it also has many aspects for the right growth of the people living here. As far as tourism is concerned, France is amongst the most renowned countries of Europe. Every year, a great number of tourist visits this popular country.

Popular cities

Paris, being the capital, is also the most famous city of France. It is believed that Paris is the key to French tourism as it attracts utmost number of tourists. There are many cities in France other than Paris that too attract tourists. Some of them are Cannes, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Angers, and Bordeaux.

Staring from Eiffel tower to historical museums Paris consists of lots of places worth visiting. Another significant city is Aix-en-Provence, where the well-known painter Cezanne lived and did all his paintings. Angers, which is also called the flowered city of Europe, is famous for its beautiful fortress of angers, and cathedral of Saint Maurice. Avignon, the city of popes is also located in France. The lavish palaces of the popes are something that is worth visiting in this city. The wine capital of the world, Bordeaux is an additional visiting spot in the French territories. It’s the core of whole wine making of the world.


The traces of French history are found all the way from 600 B.C. This was a period of settlement of ancient civilizations of that time. Traces of the first French society take us way back to the Iron Age. The early Greek and Roman civilization is also said to be settled in the parts of France. The country of France was earlier a joined region, including the region of present Germany, Italy etc. The agreement of Verdun later on separated them from French domain. The French prestige has maintained its glory as before till today. France was an vital center during the World War I & II. The French association proved to be crucial in both the wars. Immortal names like Julius Caesar and napoleon add glory to the French history.

Tourist Attraction

Statistics show that France was the most visited country in the year 2009. The number of visitors in France is most as compared to any other country of the world. This in real terms proves that France really consists something in it that makes it so special amongst tourists.

France has everything that one requires. It has awesome natural attractive beauty to wonderful cities like Paris. Beaches and flat region with awesome climate is additive aspects that attracts tourist to France.

Stay in France is also very affordable and not so expensive. The natural charm and wonderful climate in France make it the most preferred tourist destination in the world.