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Family Friendly Getaways – They Are Out There!

Family Friendly Getaways – They Are Out There!

Parents look forward to vacations as times for rest and relaxation – but are disappointed when they find themselves tired and tense when they get home: they didn’t pick a family-friendly location. Few think of international travel, but it’s a real option – especially if you explore the options via the internet first. Applying for a passport can be done online, flights and hotels booked, and kids can see and anticipate the outings they’ll enjoy when you get there. International travel offers options that kids and parents enjoy together – and it even contributes to the children’s education. And yes, you just might have the time of your life too.

Rome offers advantages to your children that few other international locations can match. The history of Western Civilization is visible everywhere, from the Roman forum to medieval streets and renaissance palaces. All of them spark you kids to ask questions and learn history without even knowing it. No need to fear boredom: the sites and shops vary within each block. Did we mention pizza for the kids and gelato for the whole family?

In the US, Orlando in Florida is a fantastic place to vacation if you’re wanting something the whole family can enjoy. It has an international reputation of being ‘the’ place to go for theme parks. Visit for a day – or make it a week and make sure you visit Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios, where your kids (and the grown ups!) will come across their much loved movies.

Paris is advertised for romance; in reality, it’s great for a family vacation. Many of the best sites – l’Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysee, the Eiffel Tower – fascinate kids with their history, their mystery, and the great views of the city. The many green spaces are filled with statues, fountains, historic artifacts which spark kids imagination, while the flower gardens take their breath away. The famed beauty and charm of Paris, with its street food vendors and musicians, spreads its aura over the whole family for a restful – and often free – day with the kids.

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