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Mistakes People Make Regarding Packing a Suitcase

Mistakes People Make Regarding Packing a Suitcase

Going on a holiday or a trip should be an enjoyable event that we all would look forward to. However, due to the fact that a lot of us plan and pack our suitcases badly, the enjoyment of the holiday or event we are travelling to can be slightly spoiled or in extreme cases ruined. In this article I will point out some of the most common mistakes that people make with regard to suitcase packing.

When we travel, we would like to arrive at our destination, unpack our bags and start to enjoy our new location. However, if we have selected the wrong case to carry our belongings in we may have had trouble from the start of our journey. Many, many people arrive at an airport with a hand luggage that s just too big to fit in the overhead compartment. Therefore the airport staff have no choice but to insist that it goes n the hold. This can create two problems. Firstly, you were probably hoping to use some of the items in your baggage on the journey and they are nor inaccessible to you and secondly, the bag may not be very robust and has a much higher chance of getting damage than a stronger suitcase.

In the excitement of our packing, many of us forget where we are going to and why we are gong there. There is little point turning up on a mountaineering trip having packed evening wear and it might be equally wasteful to pack mountaineering boots if you are going to stay in a Las Vegas hotel for a weekend. If you are travelling to a hot destination, keep this in mind with regard to every item that you place in your case.

For some reason, a lot of people decide to bring the entire contents of their medicine cabinet and dressing table top on holidays. This can take up an awful lot of room in your suitcase. For a short trip, you should really consider what you need in the toiletry department. Is there a real need to bring that lotion that you have not used for the past six months? In addition to using up space, toiletries have a habit of leaking and spilling. Many a suitcase of clothes has been ruined because, in their haste, the packer forgot to pack the toiletries in a sealed bag.

Take your time when packing. A suitcase that is quickly packed will usually be packed loosely and this means that it will not hold as much and the items in the case are more likely to get tossed around. Roll clothes, fold other tightly and put footwear and toiletries in to plastic bags.

Go and enjoy that trip you are planning to make. Use a proper suitcase, consider carefully what you want to bring and take time packing all of your items properly. In that way you will arrive at your destination in a much better frame of mind to enjoy yourself.