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The Advantages of Traveling Alone

The Advantages of Traveling Alone

There are many reasons why you’d prefer to travel alone: perhaps you have to interact with a large number of people due to your job. Or you’ve just gone through a difficult breakup and the only thing you dream about is to change the scenery and get your thoughts sorted out. Or perhaps you just haven’t found a person you would like to see as your travel companion.

No matter what your reasons can possibly be, traveling alone is hardly a misfortune: it’s a great way to concentrate on contemplating the wonders of the world without getting distracted or altering your plans according to the preferences of your companions. You can visit all the museums you want without anybody hurrying you up to leave for a rock concert, for example. You are also free to leave a place whenever you feel like it. Basically, freedom is the key word when we talk of traveling alone

However, there are a few things you have to take into consideration in order to make your experience more pleasant. Traveling alone, remember to be twice as careful. Use your common sense and don’t neglect safety and simple security measures.

It’s highly recommended that you let your family or friends know the address of every place you are going to stay at during your trip, and how they can contact you there.

Scan the pages of your passport and send them as an e-mail attachment to your own electronic address: this might come very much in handy in case your passport is lost or robbed. While traveling alone, always keep your eyes open and be aware of the people around you.

It’s always useful to find out about the cultural norms of the countries you are going to visit well in advance. You wouldn’t like to be arrested for “improper dress” in Saudi Arabia, right? Or consider paying $1000 in fines for some small misdemeanor on the Singapore metro?

And last but not least, make sure to talk to some experienced single travelers – they’ll have lots of advice and tips about how to make that trip to a wonderful new land truly special.