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Traveling With Your Dog? Things You Need to Know

Traveling With Your Dog? Things You Need to Know

When going out on a road trip with your dog, do not allow them to ride with their head outside the window. This is because they can easily get injured by flying objects. You should instead keep them in the back seat inside their crate, with a harness attached to the buckle of the seat. If you are out on the road frequently with your pet, you should also consider buying some waterproof seat covers and rubber floor liners which you can obtain from most auto product retailers.

If you are going to be traveling across state lines, you will need to carry along your dog’s rabies vaccination records. This is a common requirement of proof for some states when making interstate crossings. Although this may not be a problem, it is better to be prepared than not. So be sure to take your pet to the vet in order ultram pills tablets to obtain their health certificate before you travel.

Just as you need to take frequent breaks during a long road trip – so does your furry friend. Just as you need to stretch your legs – so does your dog. While getting some exercise during your stop, your dog can also get some exercise and their potty break as well. Don’t just take your pet along into a diner to lie down as you eat, as this does not qualify as exercise. Instead, take your dog on a short walk before getting back into the car to continue on your road trip.