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Top 5 Places to Visit in Melbourne

Top 5 Places to Visit in Melbourne

Melbourne has long been regarded as the hidden jewel in Australia’s tourist landscape. A planned city, Melbourne is the ideal destination for the tourist who wants to rent a car and drive around. In fact a hire car is broadly the easiest way to travel around Melbourne as each of its main streets are long and straight and traversed the city from north to south and east to west in a well-planned grid pattern.

In a city that resembles a European capital, it is difficult to narrow down a short list of must see locations. Melbourne has a huge variety of cultural and artistic, not to mention culinary destinations that will appeal to everybody at least on one level.

Here is a snapshot of five quintessential destinations that should appeal to the tourist adventurer in all of us.

The Bohemian Triangle. Whilst it is not commonly known by this name the triumvirate of suburbs including Richmond, Fitzroy and South Yarra provide a collection of artistic, culinary and ethnic delights. Collections of craft markets with Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern influences compete with the delights of Asian food outlets and market gardens. Add to this the modern shopping mecca in South Yarra and you have a complete tourist package all in a couple of square kilometres.

St Kilda becomes a second home to most Melburnians during the scorching days of summer as a beach retreat, but it also holds attractions for thousands of tourists who visit the busy cafe strip along Acland Street. These days there is a heavy East European influence with cafes and amazing cake shops that are worthwhile going just for the photographs easy access by car or tram tourists can comfortably spend several days browsing through the wonderful shops and myriads of cafes and pubs and then relaxing on the beach in a cool breeze to while away many an afternoon.

Federation Square. Federation Square is the latest addition to central Melbourne’s artistic precinct. The striking architecture has won numerous awards and it’s comfortable and wide open spaces allow for tourists and locals alike to mingle, eat lunch and wander in and out of some fantastic art exhibitions. The building itself is considered a work of art and, whilst causing some controversy during construction, it has now become a favourite of locals and tourists alike.

The MCG. The Melbourne Cricket Ground, or simply the ” G” as it is known to most Australian sports lovers, is the spiritual home of not only the nation’s favourite sport cricket, but also the headquarters of Australian Football.

With a seating capacity of 110,000 patrons, the MCG is the home to not just Australian football grand finals but also the traditional Boxing Day test match against various visiting cricket nations. The sporting Hall of Fame which is attached to the MCG contains memorabilia, films and photographs from sporting areas of bygone days with names that bring a smile and a tear to many Australian sport lovers’ eyes.

Victoria Market. The Victoria market or the Vic market as it is known, is one of the best markets for fruit, produce and flowers anywhere in Australia. It essentially located in Swanston Street at the northern end of the central business district and is a popular meeting place for shoppers and tourists especially on the real market days of Saturday and Sunday.

This is just a small snapshot of the many wonderful attractions tourists will find in Melbourne. Get yourself a car rental and take a leisurely drive through the easily navigable streets and you’re bound to find something to file away in your book of memories.