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How to Avoid Crimes While Travelling – Traveler’s Do Not Fear Exotic Destinations

How to Avoid Crimes While Travelling – Traveler’s Do Not Fear Exotic Destinations

Sad to say, a lot of American travelers as per observation have the tendency avoiding certain countries. There fear is unfounded because of some irrational stories. Hearing negative stories or anecdote of crimes in some countries made them avoid these places. Of course, there is indeed handful of places that should really be avoided. But countries like these are not really promoted by travel agents, so destination that is advertised should be considered even if there are few stories going around.

Places like Paris or Tokyo are not hundred percent safe. Travelers are still advice to take all precautionary measure. The key to a safe and enjoyable travel is to be always aware of your surroundings. Third countries or other exotic places should be consider, who knows, you might be amazed how entirely safe traveling to these kind of place. You should not be caught up by ridiculous and irrational fear of traveling to these countries. Like all rules, same thing applies here. Keep your wits, and bear in mind all these ideas.

Preparation is the key –

If you’re planning on going somewhere you’ve never been before, it’s is practical to read about the country’s history, traditions, political stability, and their way of life. Do these for at least a week or so prior to your expected departure. Surfing the net, reading guide books, journal and watching documentaries involving that country, will give you adequate information. Enough not to fall victim to any scam or tourist related crimes.

Make an Itinerary-

The most practical preparation is to make an itinerary or a list of all places you would like to see and visit. Study the maps and make inquiries on the type of transportation that will take you around. Most importantly if you have the time, why not, learn a few important words. It is essential in communicating with the locals. It might come handy in bargaining with local store owners.

Get Protective Measures

Almost all travel places are safe; however it is practically to give attention to details for preparing to travel at all foreign nation.

· Have all your important papers; together with your credit cards, airline tickets, passport and ID be photocopied. Give a copy to a family or trusted friend back home. In case your purse or bag is stolen or lost, you’ll be able to present a copy to your bank and embassy all necessary information that may be needed.· If you are planning on sightseeing, it is better to leave at the hotel’s safe vault all important stuff that you won’t need. It is no longer advisable to bring all of your cash, a few bucks and keys to your room is all you need.· Wear the right clothes, if you are going someplace that is special, wear the right attire. Trying to blend in, will lessen the chance of scam artist to pick on you as a target. · Restrained your drinking. We all know what could happen if you get yourself drunk, you are leaving yourself vulnerable from criminals or theft, maybe worse. These are not the right time to act irresponsible.