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Using Monroe Technique – 7 Simple Steps to Have an Astral Projection

Using Monroe Technique – 7 Simple Steps to Have an Astral Projection

Astral projection is not only a safe, but also a fun activity. Moreover, it can help you advance materially and spiritually. Get rid of the various baseless fears about astral projection and learn to project. You must have heard about the Monroe technique of astral projection.

Here are 7 simple steps that will help you use the Monroe technique successfully.

First Step

Relax your body completely. Monroe said that relaxing the body is a must to have an out-of-the-body experience (OOBE). Relaxation of the body includes relaxation of the mind too. Monroe has not suggested any technique of relaxation. But you can try deep breathing exercises in addition to progressive muscle relaxation.

Second Step

Now, it is time to enter the hypnogogic state. The hypnogogic state is one in which you are just drifting off to sleep, but not completely asleep yet. Again, Monroe doesn’t suggest any particular technique. But you can try keeping your forearm raised, while your upper arm rests on the best. Your arm will automatically fall to the bed when you start falling asleep, and this will wake you up.

The second strategy is to focus on a particular object. You enter the hynogogic state when other thoughts start intruding and you lose focus. Watch these images passively. This condition of near-sleep is termed by Monroe as “Condition A.”

Third Step

Go deeper into Condition A. Clear your mind slowly and observe the state of blackness through your closed eyes. Ultimately, you might observe light patterns, which are of absolutely no significance. They are only neural discharges. You have now entered Condition B.

You are required to enter Condition C, a deeper relaxive state. You know that you have entered Condition C when you lose complete awareness of your body and all sensory stimulation. Now, you exist in a void where only your thoughts can stimulate you.

To project successfully, you need to enter Condition D, which is nothing but Condition Centered upon voluntarily and not as the result of weariness. According to Monroe, you must try to get into Condition D early in the morning.

Fourth Step

Now you have to get into a vibratory mode, the most significant yet most obscure part of the Monroe technique. Vibrations usually appear when you are about to project. You know you have reached the vibratory mode when you feel a slight tingling all over your body.

Fifth Step

You must now control the vibratory state. This you can do by mentally creating waves of vibrations from head to toe.

The simplest way to create this wave effect is to focus on the vibrations. Mentally extend a wave of vibrations from your head to the rest of your body. You can create these waves at will after practicing for some time. To project successfully, you must attain full control of the vibratory mode.

Sixth Step

Now you are ready for a partial separation. You must not let your thoughts stray. Fix your mind on separating from the body. If you lose control over your thoughts, you might lose that vibratory state you have painstakingly attained.

Once you have begun vibrating, start releasing a part of your astral body from your physical body. Monroe teaches you to release a foot or a hand and extend it till it touches the wall or some other object close to your bed. Let your hand or foot pass right through the object, and then get it back into your physical body.

This tiny exercise will get you ready for a full-blown astral projection.

Seventh Step

You can now separate from your physical body. Monroe recommends two ways to do this.

Method One: Imagine yourself getting lighter. Imagine that you are floating upwards. Keep your mind focused on this, and don’t let any other thought enter your mind. You will naturally have an OOBE.

Method Two: In the “Roll Out” or the “Rotation” technique, you simply have to roll over just as you would when you are getting out of bed. Take care not to move your physical body. You will soon find yourself out of your body, lying next to it. Now, all you have to do is float toward the ceiling, and you will find yourself moving upward, watching your physical body.

You have now had a successful astral projection. Enjoy yourself!