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Advantages of Traveling With an Inflatable Kayak

Advantages of Traveling With an Inflatable Kayak

Traveling with a kayak can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience. With a regular hard-shell kayak it can be extremely difficult to bring it with you especially if you are traveling by airplane. However inflatable kayaks are convenient and ideal to bring along with you anywhere you want to go.

Different Traveling Options

With an inflatable you will have a few different traveling options depending on which model you own.


If you are a hiker or backpacker then you will want to consider an extremely light model such as the Airis kayaks or a smaller model Advanced Elements or NRS that can easily be folded up and stored in a backpack and carried with you by foot.

I have even seen people ride their bikes with their inflatables on their back. These are ideal for taking camping or hiking to remote water ways as well as for cycling and bringing it on the bus.


The most common way to travel with your inflatable of course is by car, truck or RV. They can easily store in the trunk of your vehicle or in the back seat and driven anywhere. For this reason they are extremely convenient.

There is no bother of tying it down to the roof of the car and setup takes anywhere from five to ten minutes depending on the size of your kayak. With it stored in your trunk you can bring it along on road trips, day trips and vacations.


If you want to be able to bring your kayak along with you on an airplane then it is important to purchase model that is light enough to easily check at the airport without having to pay extra fees. Once again the Airis kayaks are ideal for this but there are many other options as well including models from Innova, Sea Eagle, NRS, Advanced Elements, Sevylor, and more.

When you are looking at all of the different models be sure to carefully look over the specs such as the size, weight and load capacity. All of these things will factor in when choosing a model that is ideal for not only the type of paddling you will do but also the type of traveling you will mostly do as well.

However no matter which model you choose they are all convenient for storing away in small spaces and fun to paddle for any person of any age. Inflatable kayaks are extremely stable and most are built with very strong material.

Whether you are traveling or simply out for a day trip there is no doubt that an inflatable will provide many hours of fun in the sun.

Read the user reviews before purchasing as these will give you far more insight into each model.