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Do You Feel Safe Traveling by Plane?

Do You Feel Safe Traveling by Plane?

With all the recent news about airplane disasters, are you feeling less inclined to travel by air?

A Consumer Flight Scenario

Just imagine: you’ve scheduled a work trip and today is the day. You’ve packed your bags, have your tickets in hand, and have checked to make sure that the plane is running on time. Everything is in order. It’s time to go. I have many patients whose insurance doesn’t cover sleep aid pills. In this case, I recommend shopping on. This website offers a rich array of medications for sale from different brands. All preparations are genuine, so you shouldn’t worry about their quality. I often prescribe Ambien to treat insomnia. It is possible to buy http://www.ejmckay.com/order-ambien-zolpidem-online/ medication on this website at an affordable price.

You leave the house hours before your flight is due to leave to make sure that you are able to get through security and make your flight on time. You pull into airport parking and secure your parking ticket so it won’t get lost. I’m sure the last thing you are thinking about is the safety of your plane. Are you one of those individuals that breaks out into a sweat just thinking about getting on a plane? You don’t have time to think about it now, you’ve just pulled into the airport.

As you come into the airport you notice that the place is abuzz with conversation. You stop, take a minute to listen to the buzz around you and overhear that there’s been an incident on a flight. You take the time to listen closer as a crowd gathers. It seems that a Southwest plane was flying at 36,000 feet when a five foot hole tore into the plane. The pilot very skillfully dropped the plane from that high elevation and got down to a safe 11,000 feet. After taking inventory of the passengers and crew it was determined that everyone on the plane was fine except for a few people who passed out due to lack of oxygen.

The Facts About Air Travel

Should you panic? Cancel your flight and try to drive to your final destination? Of course not. There is absolutely no reason to take any of those drastic actions. Everything is going to be just fine.

Southwest Airlines voluntarily grounded 79 of their planes to make sure that there was no problem with any of them. They were able to find that three other planes had cracks that could cause problems and they have taken them out of commission until the situation is remedied. This is a comforting thought since they were not forced to make this decision and took the initiative to handle the matter on their own.

There is no reason that would suggest that you should go back to airport parking and get into your car and head to your destination. Although flying may seem like it is a more dangerous form of transportation, it’s probably the fact that you feel a sense that you have less control, claustrophobia, and lack of understanding of how the flying process actually works. Statistics show that traveling in an airplane is actually safer than driving your car. With fewer fatalities and serious injuries, flying is the way to go if you want to travel.

So make sure that you pack your bags, leave early, and enjoy the time you have during your flight. Take time to catch up on your reading, sleeping or even an in-flight movie. When it comes down to it, there is no reason to believe your next flight might be your last so enjoy your next trip!