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Dublin Forbids Landing Soccer-Lover Flights

Dublin Forbids Landing Soccer-Lover Flights

Soccer World Cup has increased traveling to South Africa, but authorities on various occasions failed to comply with facilitation to travelers from various corners of the world.

Soccer fan travelers in three planes were diverted from Durban’s King Shaka International Airport because of extra ordinary air traffic and overcrowding at the airport. Two of the flights were sent back to Johannesburg and the other to Cape Town.

The crowd was just because the Soccer World Cup semi-final between Spain and Germany was scheduled to be played in the city.

The situation on Airport was still complex, but most of the flight circling the airport were allowed to land.

The VIP business and other smaller aircraft when freed from passengers were allowed to be parked at the old Durban airport.

The airport staff is extremely busy and is running a round the clock operation throughout the night until traffic goes normal.

According to various travelers, one flight from Cape Town was kept in the air for about 90 minutes before landing and people with tickets to the Germany-Spain semi-final, missed the whole first half of the match because of the delay happened due to mismanagement by airport authorities.

Though the event of World Cup Soccer gave traveling and tourism to South Africa a new spirit, but it needs to re-organize the relevant departments and authorities too.

Later on, it was learnt through reliable sources that authorities had decided to partially refund the expenses to the affected travelers who were unable to enjoy the match due to negligence of airport authorities.