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3 Useful And Interesting Maps For Travelers

Are new, technological methods really always better?

Yes, technology enhances your life and affects every aspect of it. It wakes you in the morning, gets you to work on time and delivers any information you can think of. It’s effective, but should you always ignore old techniques?

When it comes to travel apps and navigation devices took over the job of getting you to destinations safely. Almost no one walks around with large maps anymore, because your computer or mobile devices can do it all. Or can they?

Perhaps you’re missing out on a few interesting features a real, printed map can add to your travel experiences.

Below we’ll discuss a few maps you should be looking at before you plan your next adventure. Yes, technology is efficient, but these maps add the X-factor to your travels and help you get the most out of them.

1.      Every City with Population Over 100 000

What areas do you prefer visiting? Do you travel to get away from people? Perhaps you return from holiday tired after a visit to a bustling city? Or do you thrive on the energy you experience in major cities, business hubs and residential areas?

Your answer probably relates to your unique personality. While introverts love rejuvenating on their own, extroverts will seek out crowds and feel energized by being around many people.

Do you use this knowledge of yourself to plan the perfect trips? A map showing highly populated areas is your key to targeting the right travel destinations.

Here you can see a map that shows the entire world. On it, black circles show you where population groups of over 100 000 are found.

Now your decisions become easier. If you want to hide from the world, head to less populated areas, so you return refreshed. You can’t find this on your regular Google Maps app, so be wise, print out the map and put it on your wall.

2.      Scratch Map

What other inspiration for travel hangs on your wall? And which places are on your bucket list?

Here’s a solution for both situations: A scratch map.

These papers contain printed maps of the world or a specific location. A thin layer—such as copper foil—covers the map and this is where the fun comes in. You can scratch off this layer in the areas you’ve visited. Underneath it waits a colorful image you need to expose. Bit by bit your world map can come to life as pictures and colors are revealed.

Here’s why a scratch map should be on every traveler’s wall:

  • You have a visual representation of your accumulating travels.
  • It’s the perfect way to brag about your experiences.
  • It’s an excellent conversation starter.
  • If you have a certain goal in mind it helps you keep focused.
  • The maps are striking in design and can serve as art on an avid traveler’s wall.

It’s also a perfect tool to keep everyone in your family excited about your travels. What child wouldn’t want the privilege of scratching off the next piece of foil with a coin from the country you just visited?

And when it’s time to plan the next trip, you have perspective of what you’ve already seen, to create a balanced traveling experience throughout your life.

Moreover, to remind yourself of that special place you visited you can also get a Grafomap – it’s a personalized map poster and you can order as many custom maps from your travels as you want.

3.      Attitude Against Foreigners

But it’s not wise to simply pick a country at random, right? You never know what’s waiting for you unless you do in depth research.

So let a map help you save some time and get valuable perspective on where you should go.

The enjoyment of your holiday isn’t determined by the accommodation, food and sights only. Every day you’ll come across locals and need to interact with them.

One of the best aspects of traveling is to see communities going about their daily tasks. That’s how you learn about the world and usually the locals help you find the best places to visit. But if they’re disgruntled or insulting, it may spoil the trip.

So go where you know you’ll be welcome.

On a map showing the locals’ attitude you can easily gauge the type of welcoming you’ll receive when you get there. The different colors on the map show you whether locals are more welcoming or less welcoming.

Use this map as reference and opt for the challenge of winning people over with your charm, or keep your holiday effortless.

If you use this in conjunction with your other useful maps, you can plan the perfect trip.

Now it’s your turn

So technology isn’t the only way your life is made easier.

Statistics, facts and images printed on paper can still be the best tools to plan the perfect trip. And these maps are only the beginning. Read this New York map posters article for even more maps you can use as resources to plan adventures.

Now the only question is – where will you go next?