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How to Find the Best Travel Nursing Companies

How to Find the Best Travel Nursing Companies

Does it appear to be written by people who “know” nursing? If this is the case, then you can be sure that the staffing service understands the challenges and opportunities that working as a travel nurse offers.

How professional does the site look? Is it thorough in its presentation, offering you detailed information on the benefits and challenges of an assignment? That said, bona fide travel nursing companies sometimes do have poorly designed sites, but the more “comfortable” you feel with the site, the more you can probably predict how professional the service is.

As you start contacting different companies, ask the staffing managers about salary and benefits. The hourly pay offered will vary depending on where your assignment will take you, but you should expect a pay rate of about 20 percent or more higher than you would receive working in a staff nurse job. Your pay also will differ depending on the skill set required by each assignment.

You’ll also be able to earn even more with the bonuses many travel firms offer their employees. You can be awarded sign on, referral and assignment completion bonuses, among others.

As for benefits, you’ll be happy to know that travel staffing firms tend to provide their nurses with terrific benefits, including (but definitely not limited to) free apartments while on assignments, a transportation stipend, as well as retirement and health benefits. In fact, if you decide you’d prefer to make your own living arrangements, many travel nursing companies will give you a generous housing stipend.

As you speak with a firm’s managers and recruiters, ask yourself if you feel “listened to.” Are the managers really happy to hear about your goals, dreams and any challenges you may have, or do you get the feeling you’re just a “product” they provide to hospitals and other medical facilities? If the latter, you may want to cross this service off your list; there are many firms that truly want to see you grow professionally.

If you’d like to travel the country being of great use to patients at facilities that truly need your nursing expertise, consider signing up with some travel nursing companies. You won’t regret it!