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How To Go Ultralight Backpacking

How To Go Ultralight Backpacking

If you happen to love traveling, but you do not have enough money to travel lavishly, it is a good idea to try traveling backpacker style. By traveling this way, you actually can find great places that probably only local people know. It is great for people who want to get out of the conventional tourism scene and experience taking the road less travelled.

The term ‘backpacking’ actually comes from the fact that travellers carry backpacks. Carrying backpacks can be more convenient and more mobile than carrying a suitcase or a duffel bag. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that you should only bring the things that you need, or otherwise you will only put a lot of weight on your back. Here are some top tips on how to do ultralight backpacking:

Know how much you can carry – You should know how much weight you can carry before you load your things into your backpack. Too much weight will only injure your back and your shoulder. A too heavy backpack will also make you less mobile. Remember, since you are going to travel on a budget, you might be going to walk around a lot.

Know the weather of your destination – What you have to do next is to check the weather or the climate of your destination. You should prepare the appropriate clothing according to the climate. If you are going somewhere cold, stock up on thermal clothing. On the other hand, if you are going to a tropical country, bring light, thin clothes. It is also important, in whatever weather or climate, to bring umbrella and rain gear.

Only bring necessities – If you have an urge to bring many things, what you should do is make a list of things that you are going to do when you are traveling and from that list you will find out what kind of things you are going to need for your trip. Just leave out items that you do not need.

Bring camera, map, and travel guide book – Since you are going to travel on a budget, you will want to make the best of it. Do not forget to carry your pocket camera and take as many pictures. These pictures will be a great reminder of your journey when you come back later. You also need to remember to bring map and travel guide book, so that you will know your way around.Happy backpacking!

Happy backpacking!