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Some Things You May Not Know About Personal Alarms That Perhaps You Should

Some Things You May Not Know About Personal Alarms That Perhaps You Should

Personal, home and auto alarms are not classified as a defensive weapon like stun guns, pepper sprays, guns or other weapons used to protect yourself are. It’s more of a passive security or safety type product. There are a lot of people who would rather use an alarm rather than the other above types.

Alarms are just that, they are designed to alert you or others around you that something critical is happening causing them to look in that direction or possibly giving aid. Auto alarms have made it more difficult to get that attention because they are regularly activated making others not react or pay attention to them.

If you decide to use a personal alarm you are still getting security from would be attackers because they don’t want the extra attention or possible aid from other people passing by. A good example of this is that most home robbers won’t go any further when they see a Protected By sign posted in the yard or on the windows of the home they intended to rob.

Alarms come in many different styles and work differently. You have home alarms, auto alarms and personal alarms not to mention alarms on your computer showing hackers or spammers. We will deal with the home and personal alarms in this article.

Some alarms are battery operated and others are rechargeable and the home alarms may plug into a wall socket. Some alarms even have motion sensors, stun guns, pepper sprays and lights attached to them. Finally some are small, hidden or concealed while others are obvious to see.

Alarms can be activated by pulling a pin inserted into them or by pushing an on or off button and home alarms can be activated by opening a door, window or when motion is detected. Some home alarms or personal traveling alarms can be activated just by touching a door knob. Once the alarm activated they are hard to turn off. They have to have the pin reinstalled or having the unit reset. Theoretically an assailant could muffle the sound by putting their hands on the speaker so you should be cautioned here about that.

Alarms will emit a high pitch sound, some with different pitches of about 105 decibels to 140 decibels in volume. When you get about 145 decibels it could harm your hearing especially when listening for about 15 or more seconds. The high pitch will demand attention from others. In a home alarm the pitch will probably be heard by neighbors and will demand their attention also. They will probably contact local authorities when heard, especially if they know you.

I would like to touch a little on the aerosol spray alarms. They will give you approximately 30 to 40, 1 second blast of sound around 135 decibels loud. You should replace them when you get to 10 sprays or less. What will happen is that the inert gases that forces the sound out will begin to lose pressure and the sound will decrease until mute or out of air completely. At the cost of the alarm you shouldn’t have a high expense. If you have been to a sports activity then you’ve heard these sirens or blast.

Finally, you may elect to have a professional company such as ADT or Brink’s install a home alarm for you. Usually the units are free but you have a fee each month for them to monitor it. Normally the service is around $30.00 per month. If you decide to do it yourself you could probably to a 15 window, 3 door home with an interior motion detector for $300.00 or less.

Go to our online store at for a complete selection of personal or home alarms. If you have any questions please let us know. For more helpful tips you can also go to our blog. Regardless of the type you purchase you’ll not only feel safer but you will be.

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