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The Best Traveling Nurse Jobs Available

The Best Traveling Nurse Jobs Available

Nursing as a profession is very noble, rewarding and gratifying. Earning a nursing degree or certificate of an accredited healthcare program and passing the board exam(s) required will start off your medical career. There is a wide range of career opportunities available for registered nurses worldwide. For nurses who prefer to be in various settings from time to time, a travelling nurse career is the perfect choice. As a mobile nurse you get to work in different states for a short-term nursing employment and even overseas.

To start off your career you must seek for reliable and credible agencies that may search placements or assignments on your behalf. A good agency may be able to provide the most suitable position that meets your preference. Plus, an excellent company may be able to offer a complete compensation package that earns you at least 15% more than your counterparts plus benefits such as 401K, medical and/or dental insurance, housing allowance, travel reimbursements, meal allowance and other added benefits that one cannot normally have in other employment settings. You will be required to have at least 18 months experience to become a travelling healthcare practitioner.

The travel assignment you’d be given will depend on your experience, skills and specialty. Every facility or unit you may be assigned to may have different set of requirements. Of course, you will only be assigned to units that suit your skills and experience for companies would not have the time to train you for certain assignments. A nurse of any specialty may become a travelling nurse. But of all specialties the most in demand are OR, ER, ICU, PICU, Medical-Surgical, Labor & Delivery, Progressive Care and Telemetry. Your earnings depend on your assignment location, but the best travelling nurse jobs are those assigned in metropolitan cities and overseas on specialties mentioned above. Typically, travel assignments are at least thirteen weeks or even longer. For assignments abroad, a contract may be a year or longer.

A traveling nurse profession gives you a chance to custom-fit your life. Not only do you get to balance your career, home, social and private life but you also get to manage your career path and be able to earn more than your conventional counterparts do. The most exciting part of this career is that you get to work in your dream destinations and live for an extended period in a certain area. Unlike a business trip that sends employees to other states or abroad for conventions, conferences or meetings, a travel nurse may take pleasure in exploring the area just like a tourist. Should you decide to settle in that area, you may have the option to renew at the end of the contract or you may opt to go home and rest for a couple of weeks or proceed to another dream destination for work and pleasure at the same time. As a mobile nurse you get to have a financially rewarding career and a lifestyle you have always wanted.