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Top 5 tips to book a hotel in Delhi

Want to stay in a five-star hotel on your next Delhi visit? We list a few ways to book the best hotels.

In the age of the Internet, the world has shrunk to such an extent that you can communicate or transact across regions using just a smartphone. This connectivity helps you shop, bank, conduct business and even plan your holidays.

If you are looking for hotel bookings for Delhi, you can book from anywhere in the world using just your smartphone. You can go online to check out recommended hotels and the amenities they offer. You might even entrust the job of booking to an OTA. But there are certain essentials you must do right, such as –

* Make the hotel booking first. The very first booking, even before you book your flight tickets, should be the hotel booking. Once your stay at the preferred dates is sorted out, you can book your flights and plan your itinerary. There are many superb hotels near Delhi airport, such as The Leela Palace Hotel Delhi[1]. One of the leading New Delhi hotels, The Leela promises an excellent stay replete with joyous moments every single day.

* Contact the hotel for bookings. You might be tempted to book with an OTA (Online Travel Agency) because you get reward points, cashback offers and discounts. But you get good benefits by booking with the hotel directly, and a confirmation the moment you pay for the stay. The hotel can also explain its latest offers, recommend the best room options and also help you plan your itinerary – which the OTA cannot do. Besides, it is better to be in touch with the hotel directly if there are last-minute delays or cancellations.

* Ask for a written list of amenities and inclusions. The amenities you can use during your stay depend on the duration of your visit, the type of room you have booked, or whether your booking is a part of a pre-designed offer. When you book, ask the hotel to send you a list of the hotel amenities you have access to, on email. The hotel will send the list, which includes the pool, wet spa, restaurants, gym, etc. Also ask for complimentary airport transfers – you don’t want to waste your time looking for cabs, and the hotel can easily arrange to have you picked up and dropped off.

* Ask for the final bill including GST. Since July 1, 2017, all 5 star hotels in New Delhi and the rest of the country have revised their billing to include 18% GST. Previously, you would be charged up to 15% or more on Service Tax, VAT, Sales Tax, etc. Now, all other taxes are abolished. The tariff presented to you will be taxed at 18%, so do factor this number in your final payment.

[1] https://www.theleela.com/en_us/hotels-in-delhi/the-leela-palace-hotel-new-delhi/