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Boutique Hotel: the trendy luxury hotel

The boutique hotel are intimate, extravagant, state-of-the-art, trendy but sometimes funky hotels and above all classic and luxurious. We have used so many different adjectives to emphasize unique services that each year attract thousands and thousands of customers from all over the world who love this kind of hospitality and want to know new and interesting accommodation structures.
Despite this description, it is often difficult to understand what distinguishes boutique hotels from other hotels, apart from the high quality standards and the incredible attention to detail.

Boutique hotel can be found in the metropolis and in the countryside, in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, within wineries as well as in the midst of an African safari tour. Who is usually the guest-type of these particular hotels? The boutique hotel are attended by a sophisticated guest, artist, politician, and all those travelers looking for a hospitable formula rich in personality and distinctive traits, in short, a structure with a soul that has as its goal not only that To offer a more or less large room in which to relax but above all to provide the customer with a 360 degree wellness and satisfaction experience.

The boutique hotel here are usually luxurious or eccentric accomodation but at the same time refined to a particular clientele that is looking for an experiential journey as well as in a place to discover. Let’s find out more about these accommodations.

First of all, all boutique hotels are characterized by two types of accommodation: urban accommodations and resorts. Boutique hotels located in urban accommodation are immersed in a fashionable atmosphere and in a style that we find in cities like Rome, Venice, Palermo, Milan, which affect design, architecture or style. Boutique hotels in resort-type accommodations are characterized by their proximity to the most important tourist centers and are generally located in hidden and lesser-known places, as well as in islets.

Secondly, boutique hotel do not belong to hotel chains and have no more than 150 rooms. They contain comfortable and elegant accommodation, different from each other. Most of them are also called “design hotels”, as the boutique hotel furnishings keep up-to-date local materials, completely white-colored furnishings or bright colors, a mix of success between modern and antique. The boutique hotels in Italy are also a tribute to the furnishings, materials and details “Made in Italy”.

The warmth and intimacy are the key points that describe the atmosphere of boutique hotels. In addition, this enveloping and intimate environment coexists with the idea of accommodation provided with all the necessary services and the mission of offering only quality products, and for those hotels located in the heart of the city, the presence of technology will be indispensable Wi-Fi to music and light games).

Finally, a boutique hotel provides a strong connection between the guest and the host. This category of hotel attracts a niche of travelers looking for different and particular accommodations, able to satisfy all their needs. The guest wants to be surprised and often choose a Boutique Hotel to spend their holidays, not just as a place to sleep, is a kind of accommodation that allows you to experience a real experience. Many boutique hotel have built-in facilities to consume meals, bars, and salt rooms open to the public as well, which also give the opportunity to make new vacations.