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Month: November 2017

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Tips for Enjoying Holiday to Greece

The Land of the Gods. With such a label, Greece tickled to be explored in every inch. Finding the anonymous angles while presented a captivating landscape that seems to be the reason a mythological row appears is a bit of a temptation to travel to the island nation.


If you …

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Reasons why Hanging out on a Yacht this Weekend is a Good Idea

When was the last time you took some time out for yourself? Doesn’t matter how often you treat yourself a bit nicely because you’re allowed to enjoy your life as many times as you want to. Though your entertainment options shouldn’t be extra expensive if you’re spend on a budget. …

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5 Foods Relished on A Sri Lankan Plate

Sri Lanka’s food culture was born after years of colonisation and influence from other countries. The cuisine may seem similar to South Indian cuisines but it has created a presence of its own. Much preferred by those who thoroughly enjoy a lot of spice in food, every bite of Sri …

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Boutique Hotel: the trendy luxury hotel

The boutique hotel are intimate, extravagant, state-of-the-art, trendy but sometimes funky hotels and above all classic and luxurious. We have used so many different adjectives to emphasize unique services that each year attract thousands and thousands of customers from all over the world who love this kind of hospitality and …

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Visiting Paris on Budget

If you are on vacation at Paris, you should take the opportunity to visit some of the attraction sites there. Visiting these attraction sites is not expensive if you use a city pass. There are a few types of city passes for tourists in Paris including Paris Pass, Paris Museum …

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Visiting Palma de Mallorca on Budget

Palma de Mallorca is a vibrant capital filled with many historic buildings, shops, refreshment stops and other attractions. The city is walkable with pedestrian streets in many places. There are two options for travelers who are on budget but want to get around the city to see as many attractions …

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Top 5 tips to book a hotel in Delhi

Want to stay in a five-star hotel on your next Delhi visit? We list a few ways to book the best hotels.

In the age of the Internet, the world has shrunk to such an extent that you can communicate or transact across regions using just a smartphone. This connectivity …