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Tips for Enjoying Holiday to Greece

The Land of the Gods. With such a label, Greece tickled to be explored in every inch. Finding the anonymous angles while presented a captivating landscape that seems to be the reason a mythological row appears is a bit of a temptation to travel to the island nation.


If you are one of the many travelers who put Greece into the bucket list, then there is no harm in listening to some of the following tips, because it could be easier, both in the planning stage until the implementation, in addition, you certainly want to make this trip better than others. When you do your trip to Greece, of course you should to visit the Greek island with best prices. For that you will need Hostelbay affordable vacations in Greece. And these are the tips to enjoy your trip to Greece.

Mainland roaming

Do not merely spin on Greek perceptions just about the cluster of beautiful islands. Because the mainland of neighboring Albania is also interesting to touch. From the Pindos Mountains to the north to the hidden beaches of the west of the Peloponnese, all waiting to be visited.

Do not forget the archaeological sites that are ready to make you seem to enter the hallway from the first step. Not too difficult, switching between big cities can take advantage of the KTEL bus line. In addition, the cost can be said to be affordable for the size of cities in Europe.

Eat Like Local Residents

Eat and drink like a local. It may be a bit troublesome because this kind of place is generally isolated. But eating in an ordinary restaurant so local people’s destination is a way of enjoying the typical Greek atmosphere. Not to mention the culinary talk with the original taste.

Remember, Greeks usually eat late, often after 10 pm. Do not be shy about asking for local wines, where it can also save you money. Also, you can get a typical Greek dining culture.

Explore the beautiful islands. No one doubts if the island hopping’s heyday is back to the 70’s or 80’s. Now, many travelers decide to spend vacation time on only one island.

But ferry services in Greece can be said to be very supportive to explore a number of islands at once. So why not be taken advantage of? This trip is said to be suitable when the weather is much warmer. In this way, your agenda is not monotonous.

Understanding the Greek Culture

Sensitive to local culture. Most young people in Greece label themselves as modern humans with an open mind, but older generations have an ingrained conservative habit.

For them, the Orthodox church’s teaching is still the only step in life. Therefore, you must know where to talk with whom and not wrong to put yourself. For example, do not wear a mini dress when visited the church.

Do not be shy. Greek citizens are known as an extrovert type who do not hesitate to express opinions on anyone. So, do not be shy to ask interesting things. If you want, you can also give views.

Naturally, they can be an awkward solver in almost every situation, especially in a restaurant, where nobody minds making a little noise. Understanding how the rhythm of life scrolling while enjoying the beautiful panorama of nature, is not Greece too tempting to pass up?…

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Reasons why Hanging out on a Yacht this Weekend is a Good Idea

When was the last time you took some time out for yourself? Doesn’t matter how often you treat yourself a bit nicely because you’re allowed to enjoy your life as many times as you want to. Though your entertainment options shouldn’t be extra expensive if you’re spend on a budget. The best option for this is the yacht rental Dubai has.

Dubai is earning around 70% from its tourism alone; then comes the gifts that it has been gifted with because there must be a reason why the city has such a strong tourism, right? Oil, desert and a beautiful coastline and many other stuff make Dubai stand among the high class cities.

The entire cheap yacht charter Dubai has is always available with good yachts. One avails such options to relax their mind and most of the city’s yacht rentals are issue-proof: they’ll make every possible effort to make your trip worthwhile.

Here are some reasons why you simply shouldn’t miss the chance of having the time of your life on a yacht this weekend.

It’s a great idea for a change

Restaurants and amusements parks are all a given to a city but yachts and beaches are something which can’t be enjoyed just everywhere. So, if you’re travelling to Dubai as a foreigner then you just cannot miss out on yachting. It’ll give you a nice experience since the weather of Dubai goes perfect to create a good sea vibe.

You can have delicious meals but while floating on the surface of the sea. You can enjoy the ride but not simply on a rollercoaster, but on an amazing Dubai-style yacht!

You can celebrate special occasions on yachts

You don’t always get to enjoy your special occasions to the fullest in restaurants; because no matter how much you pay you still have to look out for all the people sitting around you.

And it’ll be a lot more expensive if you opt to book the entire place since a restaurant runs by means of a huge amount of frequent customers but a yacht would only serve for your special occasion. Each yacht rental in UAE is worth having your special occasion like a birthday, anniversary etc. celebrated to its fullest.

You’ll get to have some private time of your own

Relaxing is always about anything that makes you feel calm. For some people, that calmness comes by being alone but some people love spending time with the people they love.

Imagine having a private time of your own in the middle of the sea with the one you absolutely love. It’ll become such a trip which you won’t simply be able to forget.

And when all these yacht hiring offers are coming in such a low price, you have got to make up your mind once and for the sake of life!…

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5 Foods Relished on A Sri Lankan Plate

Sri Lanka’s food culture was born after years of colonisation and influence from other countries. The cuisine may seem similar to South Indian cuisines but it has created a presence of its own. Much preferred by those who thoroughly enjoy a lot of spice in food, every bite of Sri Lankan food causes explosion of flavours in the mouth.

Do note that the best eats in this country are deep-fried or tempered with a lot of oil and condiments. The street eats in particular are crisp and dangerously addictive. The curries are made in coconut milk making rice its perfect partner on the plate.

My favourite treats on this beautiful island nation include:

  1. Cassava Chips

Keeping up with the love for street food, lighter-than-air cassava chips are a great snack to munch on while strolling down the road. I had the best variety near the famous snacking paradise, Galle Face Green in Colombo. Sprinkled with just the right amount of salt, you will find yourself buying one packet after the other. No one can eat just one.

  1. Vegetarian Kothu

Roti or flatbread chopped up with the curry of your choice in vegetable, chicken, fish, prawn, and beef is a sumptuous treat. Vegetarian was my favourite due to its crunch factor. It is hypnotising to watch the street vendors prepping up your meal, working as seamlessly as at a live teppanyaki bar! If you are staying at any of the hotels in Rajagiriya, I recommend heading down to Chop Chop Kottu in Cinnamon Gardens. The service was amiable and they also customised the spiciness of the Kothu mix as per my preference.

  1. Hoppers with Eggs/Sambol

A breakfast item that was an absolute delight, hoppers were refreshing and flavourful. A take on the steamed appams from Tamil Nadu, hopper is a pancake served with eggs in the middle and crisp edges. Hoppers are served in the evening with pol sambol and chutneys. I had the best hoppers at Green Cabin in Nuwala, Colombo. Don’t miss out on this place if you’re in the capital city.

  1. Dhal Curry and Rice

Among the spicy curries and its preparations, the simplicity of the dhal curry and rice struck me in a pleasant way. It was the perfect break from the fiery fried snacks and treats. When staying in any of the Habarana hotels, order in this dish with some wambatu moju (brinjal based pickle) for lunch. There are fewer eating out options in and Habarana so sit back and relax indoors with this delicacy.

  1. Watalappam

One should always end their meals with a dessert. Watalappam is a perfect way to end your Sri Lankan meal. Made with coconut milk, eggs, jaggery, and spiked with cardamom and nutmeg, the dessert is the perfect way to end your meal with, soothing your tongue with its creamy sweetness after having all that spicy food. Blue Water Hotel in Wadduwa should be your pit stop for this indulgence – their buffet spread is a must try for the same.


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Boutique Hotel: the trendy luxury hotel

The boutique hotel are intimate, extravagant, state-of-the-art, trendy but sometimes funky hotels and above all classic and luxurious. We have used so many different adjectives to emphasize unique services that each year attract thousands and thousands of customers from all over the world who love this kind of hospitality and want to know new and interesting accommodation structures.
Despite this description, it is often difficult to understand what distinguishes boutique hotels from other hotels, apart from the high quality standards and the incredible attention to detail.

Boutique hotel can be found in the metropolis and in the countryside, in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, within wineries as well as in the midst of an African safari tour. Who is usually the guest-type of these particular hotels? The boutique hotel are attended by a sophisticated guest, artist, politician, and all those travelers looking for a hospitable formula rich in personality and distinctive traits, in short, a structure with a soul that has as its goal not only that To offer a more or less large room in which to relax but above all to provide the customer with a 360 degree wellness and satisfaction experience.

The boutique hotel here are usually luxurious or eccentric accomodation but at the same time refined to a particular clientele that is looking for an experiential journey as well as in a place to discover. Let’s find out more about these accommodations.

First of all, all boutique hotels are characterized by two types of accommodation: urban accommodations and resorts. Boutique hotels located in urban accommodation are immersed in a fashionable atmosphere and in a style that we find in cities like Rome, Venice, Palermo, Milan, which affect design, architecture or style. Boutique hotels in resort-type accommodations are characterized by their proximity to the most important tourist centers and are generally located in hidden and lesser-known places, as well as in islets.

Secondly, boutique hotel do not belong to hotel chains and have no more than 150 rooms. They contain comfortable and elegant accommodation, different from each other. Most of them are also called “design hotels”, as the boutique hotel furnishings keep up-to-date local materials, completely white-colored furnishings or bright colors, a mix of success between modern and antique. The boutique hotels in Italy are also a tribute to the furnishings, materials and details “Made in Italy”.

The warmth and intimacy are the key points that describe the atmosphere of boutique hotels. In addition, this enveloping and intimate environment coexists with the idea of accommodation provided with all the necessary services and the mission of offering only quality products, and for those hotels located in the heart of the city, the presence of technology will be indispensable Wi-Fi to music and light games).

Finally, a boutique hotel provides a strong connection between the guest and the host. This category of hotel attracts a niche of travelers looking for different and particular accommodations, able to satisfy all their needs. The guest wants to be surprised and often choose a Boutique Hotel to spend their holidays, not just as a place to sleep, is a kind of accommodation that allows you to experience a real experience. Many boutique hotel have built-in facilities to consume meals, bars, and salt rooms open to the public as well, which also give the opportunity to make new vacations.


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Visiting Paris on Budget

If you are on vacation at Paris, you should take the opportunity to visit some of the attraction sites there. Visiting these attraction sites is not expensive if you use a city pass. There are a few types of city passes for tourists in Paris including Paris Pass, Paris Museum Pass and Paris Passlib.

Paris Pass vs Paris Museum Pass vs Passlib

Paris Pass allows you to save more than one hundred dollars on the entry tickets to the attraction sites. When you come to an attraction site, you just swipe the card and you can enter without paying the entrance fee. Besides, you can enjoy fast track entry in museums that have a lot of visitors lining up in a long queue. You just need to show the guard your pass and they will let you queue up in front. A free guidebook that is full of tips on how to explore Paris is included.

With Paris Pass, you can board on any public transportation within zones 1 -3. Zones 1 – 3 cover a few types of public transportations including metro, bus and RER in the center part of Paris. You have the option of purchasing a 2, 3, 4, or 6 days Paris Pass depending on how long you are staying at Paris.

Paris Museum Pass is for tourists who specifically want to visit museums. The pass allows you to get free access to over 50 museums and monuments. The museums and monuments actually can be accessed by teenagers under 18, and disabled people for free of charge. But, if you are an adult, you have to pay entry fee and getting the Paris Museum Pass will waive the entry ticket fee. It must be noted that the museums are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. You can get the Paris Pass with validity of 2, 4, or 6 days.

Paris Passlib is available for tourists who are staying just one day or longer period. For tourists that are staying 1 day in Paris, the Paris Passlib Mini is the best option because it offers unlimited hop-on hop-off on L’Open Tour sightseeing bus for 1 day. You can also treat yourself to a one hour of cruise at Seine with the Compagnie Bateaux Parisiens. The Passlib Mini also gives you fast track entry if you want to visit the 2nd floor of Eiffel Tower.

If you need a pass with a longer period, you should get the Paris Passlib with 2, 3, or 5 days validity. It offers unlimited travel on any transport system in zones 1 – 3. The Paris Passlib also includes a museum pass that allows you to get free entries to important museums and monuments.

Big Bus Sightseeing Tours vs Paris L’Open Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour

Another economical way to explore Paris is to board on the hop-on hop-off tour. Big Bus Tour, which was used to be known as Les Cars Rouges previously, offers hop-on hop-off bus tour services at 10 stops in Paris. Getting the Big Bus Tour ticket online will be cheaper. There are 2 types of tickets including classic 1 day tour and premium 2 day tour. Some of the attractions you can visit with Big Bus Tour include Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, Trocaero, Moulin Rouge, and Gare Du Nord.

Another company called L’ Open Tours, offers hop-on hop-off tour via four routes. L’ Open Tours buses will pull over at 50 stops that gives you access to more than 100 attractions in Paris. L’ Open Tours is definitely more worthwhile for your money compared to Big Bus Tours because it offers four times more stops. L’ Open Tours is ideal for people who plan to visit as many attractions as they can. It is recommended that you get a longer ticket as it takes some time to hop off the bus and also some time to walk around the attraction site to explore it.


In conclusion, the Paris city pass and bus tours can give tourists a chance to cover all the attraction sites during their short visits at Paris. If you are to visit the place on your own, you wouldn’t be able to cover so many attractions due to expensive travel cost.…

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Visiting Palma de Mallorca on Budget

Palma de Mallorca is a vibrant capital filled with many historic buildings, shops, refreshment stops and other attractions. The city is walkable with pedestrian streets in many places. There are two options for travelers who are on budget but want to get around the city to see as many attractions as possible. The first option is to get a city pass like Palma Pass.

Palma Pass

Palma pass offers access to tons of museums and monuments such as Majorca Cathedral, Almudaina Royal Palace, and Bellver Castle. The pass allows you to make 10 free trips on EMT city buses. The EMT city buses belong to the Municipal Transport Company. The pass also includes an airport transfer from the city center to the airport. Additionally, it offers discounts on the entry tickets to lots of attraction sites including Palma Aquarium, stores, souvenir shops and restaurants. Along with the pass, you will receive a guidebook that is written in 6 languages.

There are two types of Palma passes including 48 and 72 hours. The 48 hours pass costs $34 euros while the 72 hours pass costs $41 euros. The tickets for those below 18 years old will be cheaper. If you purchase the pass online, you’ll have to print it out. You can also purchase the city pass at a local tourist information center or the hotel.

The validity of the pass is counted from the moment you use it for the first service. So, if you buy a pass with a validity of more than one day, make sure you try to use the pass every day until you have visited all your destinations. There is no additional fee that you need to pay after paying the initial price for the city pass.

Palma de Mallorca Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tours

Buying the hop-on hop-off bus ticket is the second option if you are not interested in the attractions included in the city pass and just want to visit a few places that are reachable by bus. Hop-on hop-off bus ticket means that you can get on or off the bus at any time. After finishing visiting an attraction, you can go back to the bus stop and wait for another bus to take you to your next destination.

With the hop-on hop-off ticket, you can take a bus from one of the 18 bus stops to visit the Palma attractions. You can expect to see a new bus arriving at the bus stop  approximately every 20 – 25 minutes. The hop-on hop-off ticket is available in a 24 or 48 hour validity. Buying the 48 hour ticket can help you to save more money. The ticket is a flat rate ticket that allows you to go onboard the bus as many times as you want.

You will be able to find a bus for every tourist destination including beaches, fish markets, fountains, gardens monuments, cathedral, palaces, and plazas. The bus ticket can be upgraded to include walking and boat tours. There are different operating times for the bus tours in the spring, summer and winter. It is important that you know when the tours run in different season of the year so that you know when you can or cannot catch a bus.

Most of the time, the bus is a double decker bus with an open roof. Passengers can climb to the roof of the double decker bus and admire the scenery as the bus travels to the destination. The double decker buses are equipped with multilingual audio systems. While on the bus, you can listen to stories and learn about the culture of the city with the free headphones.


In conclusion, you will be able to save money taking your family touring around the city no matter if you purchase a Palma Pass or hop-on hop-off bus. By saving money, you will have more money to spend on other stuff and services that make the trip more worthwhile and fun.…

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Top 5 tips to book a hotel in Delhi

Want to stay in a five-star hotel on your next Delhi visit? We list a few ways to book the best hotels.

In the age of the Internet, the world has shrunk to such an extent that you can communicate or transact across regions using just a smartphone. This connectivity helps you shop, bank, conduct business and even plan your holidays.

If you are looking for hotel bookings for Delhi, you can book from anywhere in the world using just your smartphone. You can go online to check out recommended hotels and the amenities they offer. You might even entrust the job of booking to an OTA. But there are certain essentials you must do right, such as –

* Make the hotel booking first. The very first booking, even before you book your flight tickets, should be the hotel booking. Once your stay at the preferred dates is sorted out, you can book your flights and plan your itinerary. There are many superb hotels near Delhi airport, such as The Leela Palace Hotel Delhi[1]. One of the leading New Delhi hotels, The Leela promises an excellent stay replete with joyous moments every single day.

* Contact the hotel for bookings. You might be tempted to book with an OTA (Online Travel Agency) because you get reward points, cashback offers and discounts. But you get good benefits by booking with the hotel directly, and a confirmation the moment you pay for the stay. The hotel can also explain its latest offers, recommend the best room options and also help you plan your itinerary – which the OTA cannot do. Besides, it is better to be in touch with the hotel directly if there are last-minute delays or cancellations.

* Ask for a written list of amenities and inclusions. The amenities you can use during your stay depend on the duration of your visit, the type of room you have booked, or whether your booking is a part of a pre-designed offer. When you book, ask the hotel to send you a list of the hotel amenities you have access to, on email. The hotel will send the list, which includes the pool, wet spa, restaurants, gym, etc. Also ask for complimentary airport transfers – you don’t want to waste your time looking for cabs, and the hotel can easily arrange to have you picked up and dropped off.

* Ask for the final bill including GST. Since July 1, 2017, all 5 star hotels in New Delhi and the rest of the country have revised their billing to include 18% GST. Previously, you would be charged up to 15% or more on Service Tax, VAT, Sales Tax, etc. Now, all other taxes are abolished. The tariff presented to you will be taxed at 18%, so do factor this number in your final payment.